Friday, April 14, 2006


it's so damn unfair when ppl who work so hard dun get what they deserve while those who do shit get more than what they are suppose to get... it's like barter trade carried out in the most unfair terms ie. trading shit for pieces of gold bar... (yes that imbecile is comparable to shit, if nt worse than shit... forgive me for always hitting out on him, i dun care if i'm blackmarked by santa claus this year but i just can't stand it when i see my friend cry & him getting what he does nt deserve...)

anyway, congrats to all who did well for pw. esp to my grp (excluding the imbecile) thanks for everything... despite e up & downs, i guess all this was worth our effort.

and i dun get it too... when ppl have obviously made it very clear to those nincompoop tt a particular action they're doing pisses ppl off. so i assume that their skull is so dense that nthing can get thru it or that they're just born with this honorable mission of pissing ppl off... i really dun know what that imbecile want okay? trying to greet me everyday, hoping to get a hello out of me... what does he/it gain frm this? less guilt? fuck u u asshole... if this doesn't stop soon, i swear on my preciousssssss that i shall castrate these twerps one day...

oh well, i just have to live with this sort of ppl everyday when i go to sch...

thurs was great... i met up with my lover *drools* haha.... it's been a while since i saw her, and e worse thing is tt her hp is spoilt so i can't send her smses... and because i didn't manage to get there on time, she was late for her curfew.... ahhhhh.... *guilty me*
guess i just can't help missin e days when we're together......

awwww... isn't that a lovely couple photo? *grins*
*trots off to dream abt my lover*

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