Thursday, February 26, 2009

fake frens and monies

a theorist is a terrorist... who terrorizes us with his theories.

wth is CDA. it is come dig ass. just jking, it's critical discoarse analysis and it is a damn interesting topic if u didn't have to write stupid essays about how people make use of language to manipulate other ppl.

and u'll realised that all this while, if ur mind is subconsciously resisting those damn stupid adverts like "because i love u, drink this damn tea" (rmb?) or steoreotypes being portrayed, den u're actually part of the terrorist grp too. just that u've not been fully inducted into the organization unless u've gone thru this stupid course called the CDA.

so nxt time u see adverts that seem to be talking to u, know that u're just another tiny faceless stupid consumer the author is targeting at. this is called synthetic personalization. and it treats u as if u are a fren but actually they dun even noe u. they just want ur monies.


can i replace this please.

friends are replaceable, by boyfriends.

not like friends are that reliable anyway huh.


1 good reason why u shld improve on ur engrish


Thank you very much for your reply and all the trouble caused. It is really great to hear from you all:) We will get back to you and ben on monday. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

it's either she's really sarcastic, or she's really sincere in thanking him... i dun noe...

gawdddd... i dun noe how she's gonna join e teaching force in e future...

Sunday, February 22, 2009



means that there'll be things u'll look forward to.

it means u'll have to modify urself to suit e world.

it means u no longer shld be u...

Thursday, February 19, 2009


half empty or half full?

sunset or sunrise?

there is no answer, only e dellusion of choices to be made.


i have a secret to tell u

i have a confession... or a sudden realization...

it's like that u see...

i can't take goodbyes very well, nor can i take sudden disappearances very well...

because i'm stubborn, and i cannot take things as they are if nthing is done.

it makes me lose hope...

pls dun leave me there okay...
u promised...


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i have a dream a fantasy

i have a religion... it is called what the fuck, get on with life

i have a belief... it is called atheism

i have a wish... it is to get a good saloon car

i have a goal... that is to do well to get a good pay

i have a life... that is pretty much not there

i have a dream, that aliens shld invade earth so that tom cruise can say his Scientology works and the whole world can bring the level of absurdity to another high.

i think you can only dream, if u're still a student, & u haven't entered the workforce.

or maybe it's a phase like menopause. after a while, everything in life starts to irk u.

aunties whom u use to be able to tolerate just gets on your nerves with their assumptions, generalizations of "youths", the non-stop flaunting of their glorious days.

then u have the idiots in class, with e sarong party girl accent, trying to act ang moh and sophisticated. get a life, be proud of who u are and stop e damn accent. it sucks

next u have teachers who keep targeting you during literature class, because the class doesn't talk and since u begged to be in her class, u owe her ur life, and thus u have to entertain e fucking class.

but life doesn't suck. it just pisses u off once in a while, like e freaking periods.

but i think it's sad, that i can't really dream that big anymore. because u've met sucky ppl, worked in a really sucky environment, got urself into sticky situations & then wish u were never born. that's e problem with bonds. it stops u from dreaming. it binds u to the ground and stop u from floating away like cute little balloon. no link.

it's like given a chance to start a race 50m in front of everyone else but with a dumbbell tied to ur leg. really dumb huh.

i only want my good salary and my car.

it's always good to start small... & see how far u go.

Monday, February 16, 2009

hey galllllll gross

there's smthing abt acquaintances addressing me as gal that freaks me out and pisses me off immensely.

don't ask me why. maybe it's just a chemistry b/w e yaya sisterhood thang u noe.

just don't hey gal this and hey gal that if u dun noe me okayyyyyy

i dun noe u THAT well so i'm not ur gal.


There are many wonderful things, but none is more wonderful than man.

u must be jokin. HURHUR

Thursday, February 12, 2009

e love in e air is pissing me off

humid... fucking humid.
and i really hate stupid assignments because they assume u are stupid..

someone had wad used to be urs

tell me if u don't feel bitter.

but it was greed that killed u.

or maybe it was e greed for smthing better.

u can't be alone. u really hope u're nt alone.