Sunday, January 15, 2012

yellow diamonds in the night

and the week couldnt be happier :))
then knowing that u're the luckiest girl on earth
n i can't stop smiling

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

n what's urs will be urs

u can't stop ppl from coming into ur life, poking n prodding at ur soul, making u feel so much, n then leave u again
u can't stop urself from living life
u can't stop life
u are a part of this life

n what happens when u leave

den she'll just sit there helplessly n sigh
oh look what you've done.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

mental health

how can life be only about happiness
when existence itself is a constant struggle against a whole lot of vices, emotions n things that threaten to overwhelm us

n because the ppl i love misunderstand
that i seem perpetually sad, abt what life has to offer
rather than the fact that i embrace sadness as part of life
isn't life abt this balance?
sadness & happiness
selfishness & altruism
one cannot exist without the other
one cannot exists in its own entity for it wld render the other obsolete

or am i really one fucked up pessimist
who sees no hope in humanity?

it is for this reason that i fear

of speaking what is on my mind

"why are u always so emo"

but how can u be happy
when sadness is not first understood n embraced.

why do i smile
when it starts to rain

gosh there needs to be a differentiation
between emo-ness n being  reflective
i reflect.
i dun emo
i dun cut myself.
ok maybe i do think of
but wth.
no link ok.

retart. hahahaha

Monday, January 02, 2012

10 wks practicum
i let the stress kill me before it even starts.
happy 2012
thank u for the love