Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We move forward by doing difficult things. That's how you know you're moving forward.

this month has been especially difficult

alot of crying. just non stop crying

it's just very difficult to deal with the fact that i'm gonna be a year older and you wouldnt be there.

i've accumulate 2 years worth of little events and achievements that i want to share with you but i cant

n they said time would make things better

everyone lied i guess

i have tonnes of apologies i wish to make, tonnes of things i wish that i couldve done better and as the years become longer so does my list of i wish i couldve

it doesnt matter if i still have a partner or if i still have a mom. she's practically reminding us tt she's waiting to die.

n yes u loved us alot n made so many sacrifices. it's just very difficult to deal with life now that nobody is doing as much as u did anymore.

Monday, January 26, 2015



deaths have been common

sudden deaths

deaths that arent predicted

but such is life

and its unpredictablitiy

we think we have it under control

our relationships are going to last

but it isnt

something will wear it down.

time will always wear it down.

someone will always have to pass first.

and the other left to weep.