Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

sometimes, maybe, u noe...

sometimes, i think teaching is like having this crazy love affair with ur kids, where sometimes u just need a spark to get things going while sometimes, u need to build somethings up over a period of time.

and now we're halfway thru e roller coaster ride, i think i'm finally starting to get e hang of it, their mood swings and all.

and then once in a while when i feel like giving up on this incorrigible bunch who love to play and do nothing else, u can always count on them to bring u back to ur feet again.

it's as if they know

maybe as much as u're trying to understand them, maybe, maybe, they're trying to understand u as well.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

just exactly who are u?

you like to go crazy and be very loud yet u love to reflect abt life alot

you like to be childish yet hate people who are shallow

you like to teach but yet you're getting tired of e job u're at right now

you like being alone but yet hate it if everyone ignores u

just exactly who are u?


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

si tu crois

a grp of restless pupils with raging hormones, highly volatile emotions & highly active.

damn i'm nt even that hyper active myself.

this is getting really sucky, because they're making e lesson more boring then it is. and e worse thing is, i really conduct damn boring lessons cus I LACK EXPERIENCE DAMNIT.

u think it's so easy to be a teacher arh... wah lao. xiao liao.

and i come home with a splitting headache everyday.... damn

tout seul, tu t'en iras tout seul
coeur ouvert à l'univers
poursuis ta quête
sans regarder derrière
n'attends pas
que le jour se lève
suis ton étoile
va jusqu'où ton rêve t'emporte
un jour tu le toucheras
si tu crois, si tu crois, si tu crois en toi
suis ta lumière
n'éteins pas la flamme que tu portes
au fond de toi souviens toi
que je crois, que je crois, que je crois en toi

[translation of the french]
all alone, you will go on your way all alone
heart open to the universe
pursue your quest
without looking back
don't wait
for the day to arise
follow your star
go where your dream takes you
one day you will touch it
if you believe, if you believe, if you believe in yourself
follow your light
don't extinguish the flame that you carry
in your heart remember
that i believe, that i believe, that i believe in you

Friday, January 18, 2008

just shut up

u noe wad, i seriously dun get it when some assholes come up to me and talk crap, like crap related to our class. things like it seems like ABC is doing well in uni, CDE seems to be having a good life there.

of cus lar, farking hell, who e hell wldn't have a good life there. they're studying, we're working for god's sake and we don't even noe where we'll end up. i noe i'll end up in e teaching industry for e god noes how many years which really seems pathetic because hey, looking back in how many million years time, i can "proudly" tell them i've been teaching since 19. how smart.

now i noe why those ppl who don't do well for As just disappear out of my life. seriously, smtimes, we just don't really want to noe what's going on in ppl's life because we don't really noe wad's going to happen to our own.

i noe it's really no one's fault but sometimes, talking abt ppl in uni having a good life just really wrecks my nerves. it just makes me, in fact, us sound like a whole lot of screwed up bunch when i don't think we r.

i'm srry for ranting, but sometimes, having a low self esteem now and then doesn't really help in my current situation. wtfh

Sunday, January 13, 2008

You like spaghetti, George?

sometimes when my mind goes blank and i've nthing else to think of, i'll naturally have a flashback of that day. e day when i cldn't rmb anything else xcept for my friend hugging me and den mumbling something into my ear over and over again while i just stood there, numbed.

i've always wondered how much i've moved on from there. technically speaking, as a student, u cld say tt i've nt progressed much. whereas ppl have moved on to a new semester with new books and lects and stuff, i'm pretty much stuck at e jc mentality, studying my $20 eng guide book & hoping i am still qualified to be a student.

but in a emotional sense, how much have i moved on? am i still who i am 1 year ago? where i felt life was pretty much down e drain since my future was screwed. even noe every once in a while, i wld ask myself if i'm suffering frm e repercussions of my cursed A lvl results. or if i'm more disadvantaged then my fellow peers. how do u actually define move on? when u stop thinking abt it? or when it doesn't hurt anymore?

and the most amusing thing is that during this period of time, i downloaded e whole 2 series of DEAD LIKE ME and watched it over again, which helped me become more positive. e many different quotes which actually made sense to me when i felt down & out. e many things which made sense in this sucky world.... like what some ppl say, in life, u just never know.

Rube: You like spaghetti, George? I like spaghetti. I like board games. I like grabbing a trifecta with that long shot on top... that ozone smell you get from air purifiers... and I like knowing the space between my ears is immeasurable... Mahler's first, Bernstein conducting. You've got to think about all the things you like and decide whether they're worth sticking around for. And if they are, you'll find a way to do this.
George: And what if I don’t?
Rube: Then you go away, and you don't get to like anything anymore.

George:That night, a man was killed by a speeding car and I was there to take his soul. The street on which he died turned into a flowing river of light, and he hesitated at its banks. I told him to take a deep breath as if its the last one you will ever take, because sometimes in life, or in death I guess, you just never know.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


there r no lousy teachers, only lousy students. if u're nt learning, it's nt cus ur teacher's lousy, it's because u refuse to learn. said my dear principal aka my boss

ok i love my principal. my sch is in many ways outdated by it is also because of this that it's retaining it's old charms that i so desperately looked for in cedar. but like they say, change is the only constant.

i think change is bullshit. i want to play badminton with sean & mr chia!!! stupid effing meetings.

~we fall, face flat, head over heels, broken bones, but we must after every fall stand up with grace. TADAA!

Monday, January 07, 2008

it's a cold & cruel world - but u can eat icecream.hahahaha

they always say neighbourhood schs r better cus of e more "family" working environment.

personally, i feel like i'm being left alone in a corner to die & be forgotten. the only times where they really honestly rmbered me was when they needed me. my "mentor" is always so damn busy tt i wasn't even given an orientation of e sch. in fact, i haven't even had a proper conversation with her. i need to noe how to take MCs, how to take leaves etc etc. i'm so damn interested in getting sick. everyone's friendly. u know. just friendly. it's as if they trying to see if i have e initiative to ask, if nt, information doesn't come. so now i'm on e verge of paranoia hoping i don't miss out any meetings or duties, or else i can just imagine them smirking at me, the greenhorn.

i must have made my workplace sound like hell. haha. no wonder they arranged a workshop to help us differentiate between personal blog & professional work. as such, even before i rant abt my work, i have taken e trouble to officially censor my sch name off my blog.
& i'm teaching a em3 class for HE. abt puberty!!! maybe i shld make them watch e uncensored version of lust, caution. somehow i think i've this elitist mindset, coming frm good classes & gd schs. em3 ppl to me is kinda of like so out of the league & honestly they really scare e shits out of me. u always hear horror stories of how kids beat up e teachers, how rude they r towards teachers & stuff. but honestly, i think maybe compared to e elites, they're less scheming & maybe a little more frank in their expression, which technically makes them more human.

but still, i can't deny that whenever there r cons, there r pros as well. so having a corner table out of everyone's sight means i can dig my nose in peace. HAHAHA. like i even have e time to dig. i have sucky half an hr breaks. somehow, i feel like i'm being prepared for nie.

hell i want to get into nie soon. & live with my pet cat in e hostel. heh.

i miss cps. damn.

& i'm addicted to badminton still. rawwwrrrr

Sunday, January 06, 2008

can someone tell me why self mutilation is wrong. when there's so much anger, irritation & sadness itside u, why is self mutilation wrong?
when u live in hse with a fucking mother, how do u scream? how do u shout out loud? how do u let go of the things bottled up inside? when to cut urself is the only silent way, why is it fucking wrong?
when someone who's supposed to listen doesn't listen, & then there's no one else to listen to u, why is letting out ur emotion in such a way wrong?
so they say we're the weaker generation, but i really don't care. if this is the only way, i don't see why anyone has the reason to condemn it.

it's nt like we're going to die. it's only makes me feel better.......


fuck u & go to hell

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

u're fucking nuts

u noe when i talked to my cousin last time over msn, his parents divorced when he was young so he was brought up by e whole extended family.

he said, it's good to have someone to nag u.

and in my mind i screamed, u must be nuts.

1. he doesn't live in the hse
2. he's nt my mother's son.

if it has come to a point where everyone in e hse thinks u're a fucking nuisance, there obviously is smthing wrong with u, nt us. u r like ur mother, & who noes e thousands of mothers before u. but times have changed, & u havent. so to put it simply, u're fuckingly outdated, & to put it straight, emotionally unstable & mentally ill.

even my tuition student who comes to e hse twice a wk for 1 & a half hr finds her a nag, i don't see how the inhabitants of this hse can stay sane. i can't.

i still think my cousin is nuts.



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one thing's for sure, this person sure has an imaginative mind. i bet he must've passed his creative english with flying colours. so farnnie. XD