Tuesday, January 22, 2008

si tu crois

a grp of restless pupils with raging hormones, highly volatile emotions & highly active.

damn i'm nt even that hyper active myself.

this is getting really sucky, because they're making e lesson more boring then it is. and e worse thing is, i really conduct damn boring lessons cus I LACK EXPERIENCE DAMNIT.

u think it's so easy to be a teacher arh... wah lao. xiao liao.

and i come home with a splitting headache everyday.... damn

tout seul, tu t'en iras tout seul
coeur ouvert à l'univers
poursuis ta quête
sans regarder derrière
n'attends pas
que le jour se lève
suis ton étoile
va jusqu'où ton rêve t'emporte
un jour tu le toucheras
si tu crois, si tu crois, si tu crois en toi
suis ta lumière
n'éteins pas la flamme que tu portes
au fond de toi souviens toi
que je crois, que je crois, que je crois en toi

[translation of the french]
all alone, you will go on your way all alone
heart open to the universe
pursue your quest
without looking back
don't wait
for the day to arise
follow your star
go where your dream takes you
one day you will touch it
if you believe, if you believe, if you believe in yourself
follow your light
don't extinguish the flame that you carry
in your heart remember
that i believe, that i believe, that i believe in you


echizen said...

Grrr sounds so stressful D: *hugs* JIAYOU OKAY. T^T

simin said...

thanks! i miss u larrrrrrrrr. we shld go watch e japanese movie together! e spin off about L. hahahaha