Monday, January 28, 2008

sometimes, maybe, u noe...

sometimes, i think teaching is like having this crazy love affair with ur kids, where sometimes u just need a spark to get things going while sometimes, u need to build somethings up over a period of time.

and now we're halfway thru e roller coaster ride, i think i'm finally starting to get e hang of it, their mood swings and all.

and then once in a while when i feel like giving up on this incorrigible bunch who love to play and do nothing else, u can always count on them to bring u back to ur feet again.

it's as if they know

maybe as much as u're trying to understand them, maybe, maybe, they're trying to understand u as well.


Faith said...


echizen said...

OMG so cute XD How come my tutee never does such things? >>:

wl said...

i love ur last line

simin said...

echizen: lol, my tutee nvr do stuff like these also. they basically take u for granted. RAWRRRR

wl: haha, thanks!