Saturday, October 16, 2010

there's life beneath the snow

i think

we're just holding for old times sake

n cus i've long given up on who we used to be

there seems to be less depth then what was originally there.

we just drift on

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

vinegar addict.

once every few months

i have to deal with very bad security and esteem issues.

like suddenly i'll think e whole world hates me

like suddenly i'll feel like i'm not being loved

like suddenly i'll feel that u're ignoring me

n i'll do crazy crazy things






n i'll get jealous like i'm fucking drinking a reservoir of vinegar.

n i'll whine that nobody loves me n nobody understands me.

i know ultimately this will be part of a phase, in fact, i face in like once every few months

so why am i still so UNSURE???

i am such a bastard.

the weeks are getting longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Saturday, October 09, 2010

lesbatrons pwns gaylords

things have been going well for me

although i do predict that it's going to end pretty soon with my maths test this wk

i've stooped to writing boring wkly updates of my life.

which also equals to very much nothing at all.


if anything, i'm just wondering guys are the weirdest creatures on earth

one minute u can be not talking to each other for months

the nxt minute u "pour out ur heart" to him

oh so poor thing u simin

now we're behaving like good frens again

the key word here is "behaving like"

maybe we're both just deluded.

n yes, i am still very much peeved by mr gaylord. but den again. mr gaylord has no balls. so i shall forgive u. poor gaylord.

Monday, October 04, 2010

i think i am a fucking retard

like it takes me a fucking day to get really mad at u.

it's never at that point of time.

i'll just take that blow in e face without knowing it

before taking a few hours to realised i've been hit

n hurting real bad

u most probably will know or maybe never know at all

cus i'll start shooting arrows at u,

retorts, sarcasm on facebook, blogs n fuck what have u

den i'll just slowly







i fucking hate myself

sometimes, i expect u to know me better.

even though we're nt twins n stuff.

den u're telling me crazy things like nono singlehood is better

or like get a bf

no shit.

look at nie, or wait, i'm nt even interested.

e only reason why i really want a bf is cus it's fucking getting on my nerves tt i can't get one.

it's a commodity, not a fucking compulsory want.

nvm. have fun with ur kenny boy.

Friday, October 01, 2010

oh happy day

today's presentation was a high pt, of sorts, despite me being a chin wag :P and a blundering idiot, eating my words n stuff

ellen n hugh laurie's youtube video entertained the class, russell brand did his thang abt e coca cola advert, n we were constantly entertained by singaporeans trying to fake an american accent.

we oso had ms sng with her fake survey of 20 children, which she would later gloat abt, cus we refused to present that fake survey, but satan was highly impressed tt we even bothered to do a survey.

satan said that she "had never seen anything quite like it" or smthing along those lines.

n u have ppl walking up to us after class n saying our presentation was awesomely cool.

maybe cus no one did a project on american accents in singapore before. we loathe it but we dun research on it.

so in some ways, yeah, e 3 of us worked just fine. in fact i dun think i've done anything like this.