Friday, October 01, 2010

oh happy day

today's presentation was a high pt, of sorts, despite me being a chin wag :P and a blundering idiot, eating my words n stuff

ellen n hugh laurie's youtube video entertained the class, russell brand did his thang abt e coca cola advert, n we were constantly entertained by singaporeans trying to fake an american accent.

we oso had ms sng with her fake survey of 20 children, which she would later gloat abt, cus we refused to present that fake survey, but satan was highly impressed tt we even bothered to do a survey.

satan said that she "had never seen anything quite like it" or smthing along those lines.

n u have ppl walking up to us after class n saying our presentation was awesomely cool.

maybe cus no one did a project on american accents in singapore before. we loathe it but we dun research on it.

so in some ways, yeah, e 3 of us worked just fine. in fact i dun think i've done anything like this.



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Faith said...

can i LIKE this! its not on fb! HAHA