Saturday, October 09, 2010

lesbatrons pwns gaylords

things have been going well for me

although i do predict that it's going to end pretty soon with my maths test this wk

i've stooped to writing boring wkly updates of my life.

which also equals to very much nothing at all.


if anything, i'm just wondering guys are the weirdest creatures on earth

one minute u can be not talking to each other for months

the nxt minute u "pour out ur heart" to him

oh so poor thing u simin

now we're behaving like good frens again

the key word here is "behaving like"

maybe we're both just deluded.

n yes, i am still very much peeved by mr gaylord. but den again. mr gaylord has no balls. so i shall forgive u. poor gaylord.

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