Friday, July 29, 2005


Sing them to remember their deceits and insults and refusals to apologize.

Sing to "We are Singapore"

There was a time when Richard said
That TT Durai didn't do it, but he did
There was a time when Richard said
That NKF didn't do it, but they did

They built NKF, strong and rich, reaching out together
For more and more money

Chorus 1:
It is our money, it is our blood,
It is our kindness, it is our tears,
Don't take our money, to be your bonus
Don't cheat Singapore, Singaporeans

Sing to "One people, one nation, one Singapore"
We've built NKF with our brains
With educated people from a rich lands
Strangers when we first began, now we're all con man
Let's reach out for Singapore, join our hands forevermore

Con people, con nation, con Singapore
That's the way that we believe forevermore
Every dollar and every cent, every woman and every man
Con people, con nation, con Singapore

And when the time comes for the trial
Say nothing, give only denials
We'll be united, hand in hand
We'll show the world just where we stand
And reach out for Singapore, join our hands forevermore

(Repeat Chorus twice)
Con people, con nation, con Singapore

Sing to "A Placein My Heart"
Verse 1:
It doesn't matter where I fly from
It doesn't matter what I do
It doesn't matter what I believe in
It only matters how secret it is

It only matters I fly in business class
Upon each single flight I take
It only matters I keep it a secret
Enjoying up in the sky

Conscience has no place in my heart
I will always fly first class
Every mile I fly every secret I keep
There's nothing I can't overcome
Conscience has no place in my heart
I will always fly first class
If I'm sued and exposed I'm not worried
I know Choo Leng will always be there with open arms

Verse 2:
I'll always treasure those happy moments
I can remember all the flights
It doesn't matter I'm cheating
It only matters how secret it is

RepeatBridge& Chorus

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

Thursday, July 28, 2005

i am extremely tired and worn out and not in my best of moods... come to think of it, i am rarely in the best of moods, with my thoughts occupied by the past present and sometimes the future...
i was looking for a quote from LOTR but apprarently i have lost connection with the book cause i can't seem to recall which chapter was it from...
i bet faith's gonna kill me for staying up so late in the night for writing some useless entry but felt the need to write something
everything around me seems so stupid... i can't believe i'm romantically linked to my "brother" but who cares since i can't be bothered... just that it can get abit weird sometimes... haix...
it has been very depressing for me cause i keep seeing my sec school classmates look alike around the school... the no. of times seem to have increased and i wonder if i'm just losing my insanity...
i have this urge to fling away all my responsibilities and run away..... somewhere... somewhere....
i'm tired of working and working and working....
i keep asking myself if everything is fine, if i'm taking the stress well... i dun sense any form of stress... more like i'm avoiding something.... then when suddenly someone comes up and remind me how much i have not done, i become extremely depressed and stressed up... most of the times, i just feel tired....
i want to find this picture.... this very picture of life on a thin line... life and death... it appeared on someone elses blog but it's not perfect enough for me... it's too fake... it doens't bring out my emotions fully... i wanna express something... i'm finding it..... i'm still finding...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


dan: does anyone on the internet have a face? or identity for that matter? pardon me, but i did not come here to start an argument, i just felt certain things you've said in your entires highly offensive
dan: i also apologise if i have offended you, but that is absolutely not my intention. i don't think that sarcasm and sardonism is really called for.

hmmm... my sincere apologies if my previous entry has offended u in anyway but it was never my intention to offend any one as in ur case where u didn't intent to offend me or to start an argument in my blog. just in case u r nt aware, i have pasted more offensive materials in this site before regarding christianity & i did add my own comment saying tt these things posted here were nvr meant to offend but it's because i've shown interest in the article or agree to SOME EXTENT on what the author has written & i hope tt my christian friends who read this will nt be offended by what is said abt their religion. thankfully they've been very very understanding & have nt hit out at me for my "lack of faith" but have instead corrected me on my many misconceptions on their religion & have been open minded in discussing the issue of religion with me as well.

"i don't think that sarcasm and sardonism is really called for."

maybe i wld like to make this clear to you then, this is (in case it doesn't get into ur head) MY blog & MY blog is also equals 2 MY beliefs & MY aims in life. if u know me well enough 2 b my friend or told me frankly tt u were offended by what i have pasted on my blog, i would gladly have apologised sincerely & took down the offensive content since religion is after all a sensitive issue. however, u, who have no or little understanding of my life & my beliefs, u, whom i don't even know ur name or ur face started 2 tag my board with such a strong sense of sarcasm tt even an illiterate wld have detected it, and even went on 2 accuse me of my lack of faith.
hmm... why not let's think the other way round, if someone came up to u & slapped u for being a christian, wouldn't u be angered or offended tt ur beliefs are being taken so lightly?
ha! & u think that the sarcasm & sardonism wasn't really called for. like sining said, had u been more receptive, had u been more open minded to what others thought of ur holy religion, u wouldn't be here puking crap & dirtying my blog with ur waste.

i always believed tt "do not do unto others what u would not do unto urself." most christians however seem to lack this belief & i see tt u r one of those as well.

btw, i think i have the right to paste what i want on my blog & if it really doens't suit ur taste, please leave since our beliefs clash in the first place. or if u think tt a blog is a open diary where anyone can access it & has the right 2 comment on it, then please comment on the article alone & don't hit out on me & my beliefs cause i think that is highly unfair of u to pass a judgement on me so quickly. also it is extremely ridiculous & naive of u to think tt ur offensive sentence will not trigger off a argument or a sarcastic comment.
u shld be glad tt i bothered to respond to ur comments with 2 entries cus even my good friends r nt entitled to tt.
also i think christians who forcefully promote their faith to others shld reflect on what their "real" duty is. are they really trying to give us our salvation or trying to piss us off? if i started promoting atheistism to them & told them that having & praying to no god is their true salvation, would they have been happy as well? so instead of accusing me of lacking something, y nt pause to reflect how the followers of ur religion has been treating other non-christians?

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

to dan the mysterious tagger


dan: if u truly believe in freedom of speech, why are u so adverse towards people talking about their beliefs? is it that threatening? Would u feel that way if u really had faith in what you believed? dan: why're you getting so worked up? does being atheist mean you must be antichristian? what about islam? judaism? catholocism? buddhism? scientology? I want to see you talk about those.

haha.. dan u r one funny guy... y do u ask me y m i worked up when i see tt e one getting worked up is non other than u urself? yes i would like 2 know who u r so tt i can talk 2 u abt religion on msn or thru email. tag is simply too small in space for us to talk abt it. pls feel free to email me abt this..

firstly, i think u are very contradictory in many MANY MANY ways, y am i so adverse towards ppl talking abt their beliefs? then why r u adverse towards me talking abt my belief tt god doesn't exist?

yes, in fact atheist to me consist this element of being anti christian, i have never denied tt fact.. i am in fact VERY AGAINST christians. initially it was because they just keep slamming their religion into my face when on countless times i have told them i show no interest in their religion. their method of forcing their thinking onto others & their intolerance of other religions turned me off tremendously as well.

slowly i started to read up & ask my christian friends on what it is like to be a christian & what this religion is really all abt & i realised christianity is simply against what i myself believe in.

i used to believe in the existence of god, of no specific religion but i believed tt a supernatural force did exist & i do pray sometimes, in my own way, tt things will go well for my family & friends. (haha... i insulted confucious after my O level exams & i was so worried tt i might just flunk all my papers... :P )

yet as i grew up & faced the harsh realities of life, i realised tt everything ard me is nt as complete & beautiful as it seemed anymore. tt even the word relatives can be so fake. tt even this saying tt goes smthing like blood is thicker than water doesn't mean a single thing to me. tt friends r just temporary relationships u have with them & it doesn't last forever. & alot of things & factors tt made me quite disillusioned with life. i realised tt this god if he is a god is not helping me, be it mentally & spiritually. i realised tt i needed to stop believing in things tt don't exist & instead work on & cherish the things tt exist.

i first came into contact this word atheist on another blogger's entry but only declared myself 2 b an atheist only just recently because of personal reasons. i realised tt generally e beliefs of an atheist fits my beliefs abt religion.

as to why i do not talk abt other religions, it is because they don't promote or force their beliefs on me, & it is also because i have only a vague idea of what these religions are abt. therefore, do u think it's fair tt i criticize or go against their religion for no particular reason?

dan: stop focusing on what cannot be "proven", because that's a fact. ur disagreement wont change anything, if u just bothered to look beyond the superficiality and stereotypical accusations, u may find something different. but I guess u won't anyway, aren't I right?

i do nt understand, what are u referring abt tt cannot be proven? are u referring to those can be proven in the bible like the noah's arc & other artefacts tt prove that jesus christ did exist so does god?
ur words are superficial, therefore i do not understand ur accusations as well, pardon my stupidity. what religion, specifically christianity, has presented 2 me r facts which i find nt to my taste and in many cases undesirable.
one thing i like to question is, do u know me very well? if nt, what makes u think that i have not looked beyond what u claimed to be the superficial & the stereotypical? thanks for ur accusations but no thanks i do not accept it & i find it extremely rude & insulting.

dan: i would doubt the faith of your "friends" too if they weren't trying to help you, because in their eyes, that is exactly what they're doing, help.

i have no idea what u are talking abt. i guess ur english must be superb....

thanks for reading my blog & giving me ur views. if u like to debate with me more, u can kindly flood my tag and piss me off & force me to accuse u tt u have no morals or u can email me.
i would also like to thank u for flooding my tag with ur very powerful command of the english langauge & gave so much comments of which half i didn't understand but thanks for wasting ur time all the same.
lastly thanks to u, i have reinforced my own defitions of being an atheist. haha... but more or less it remains the same.

an atheist to me is having this belief
that there is no god and that our lives are controlled by ourselves with out very own hands and not through other devices.
that i am open to other religion & their beliefs & will willingly accept it if it applies to me.
that i am bounded not by rituals or beliefs that no longer apply to how i'm living my life but by my own morals & beliefs.
that as long as i'm happy & my friends stand by me & accept me for who i am, nothing else really matters.
that i am truly free.
thanks to faith and weilian for everything since i've entered jc... haha... eunice too!
~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Joey McIntyre - Stay the Same

Joey McIntyre - Stay the Same

Don't you ever wish
you were someone else
you were meant to be the way you are exactly

Don't you ever say
you don't like the way u are
when you learn to love yourself
you're better off by far
and I hope you always stay the same...'cuz there's nothin of you I would change

I think that you could be
whatever you want to be
whatever you want to be if you could realize
all the dreams you have inside
don't be afraid if you've got something to say
be afraid if you've got something to say
just open up your heart
and let it show you the way

Don't you ever wish
you were someone else
you were meant to be the way you are exactly

Don't you ever say
you don't like the way u are
when you learn to love yourself
you're better off by far

Believe in yourself
reach down inside
the love you find
will set you free

Believe in yourself
you'll come out right
have faith in what you do
you'll make it through

Don't you ever wish
you were someone else
you were meant to be the way (you were meant to be)
the way you are exactly

Don't you ever say
you don't like the way you are
when you learn to love yourself (love yourself)
you're better of by far

and I hope you always stay the same...
'cuz there's nothin of you I would change (change)
no there's nothin' 'bout you I would change
(don't change)

Does God believe in atheists?

Does God believe in atheists?

This is the title of a book by John Blanchard, an eminent Christian scholar, who wrote it to debunk the many claims atheists have that God does not, and cannot, exist. That such a God is not a God of Love for he allows suffering, etc.

The title is sweet, but the book is anything but. Like saccharine, it tries to make you think it is the real stuff, which obviously, it isn’t.

It makes for interesting reading though, and provides an insight into the workings of the Christian mind and opinion.

To an atheist, a God cannot exist because of the capricious nature of the world around us; good or bad things happen to us all the time. You pray, you kenna whacked; you don’t pray, you also kenna whacked. As an atheist, you think: Where got God like that one?

A God is supposed to be loving, right?

Wrong. A Christian would answer thus: Because God is God, you do not and cannot question his motives. He acts on his own terms.

Now, as an atheist, you then ask: So, we are just like ikan bilis in his wok turned here and there on his whim? How can we pray to a God like that?

You can. You just have to pray for mercy.

Now, you ask: Mercy? Why the hell should I pray for mercy?

Because God created you, silly.

The Bible insists that nothing in the entire universe happens by chance, and that no detail of created reality is beyond God’s governance. We are told that not even a sparrow falls to the ground apart from God’s will and that “Even the very hairs of your head are numbered.”

You think: Waah, so LS (lun-sai) powderful one!

So, what does this mean? That everything is preordained?

Where does that leave our moral choices?

Does that mean that God is responsible for both good and evil then?

Yes and no

God told prophet Isaiah:

I am the Lord, and there is no other…
I form the light and create darkness,
I bring prosperity and create disaster;
I, the Lord, do all these things.

Yes, God is pretty much behind all those disasters (including the recent Indian Ocean tsunami) that have afflicted mankind since antiquity, but we cannot blame him.

You think: What the f*** cannot blame him?

Well, the “evil” was done for your good you see

No, I don’t see.

Remember the Joseph story? The one about a boy who was almost murdered and then sold as a slave and then later rose to a Cabinet post to prevent famine in Egypt? Yes. That fella.

You see, God sanctioned that little rubbing by his brothers so Joseph can rise and do more good.

You say: Ah-so, so everything happens for a purpose!

Yes, but there’s more: Here’s the crunch: Are the brothers to blame then for the evil deed they had done?


You say: Whaaat?! Didn’t you say God was behind it all?

The Christian will say: It is God’s will but it is your sin.

You think: These Christians love their God so much that even when he shits on their face, they think it is a spa face pack. Kenna-sai! (Pun intended)

So, what gives?

The Christian will answer: We are free to choose, as God has created us with free will. God will not step in and prevent its misuse, which will inevitably lead to suffering. Would you want a God to create a you that is programmed to do good only and not have the chance to develop personal relationships? Would you be happy to live under a cosmic tyrant?

You think: Wait a minute. So everything’s God’s will, but it is also our will?

The Christian will say: Yes, you have the will to do good.

You say: Hang on, didn’t you just say that God’s will makes everything preordained? That all that happens is because of Him?

The Christian will say: Yes, and yes.

For a moment, this sounds quite plausible: If I were to will good, then it is also God’s will, for that is what he would have wanted. The world would be a better place.

Then: If I were to will bad, then I am to be blamed. But somehow, through God’s will, something good will come out of it.

Importantly, you think: So why don’t God will good in the first place and save us all that drama?

The Christian will reply: But who are we to question God’s will?

You say: So it is back to “being under His mercy” thing again, is it?


Doesn’t it bother you to be under his mercy?

The Christian will say: No, because God is glorious.

You say: Huh? This drama-queen you call God, is glorious?

Yes, because he lets me will the good in me. I can deny evil and will good.

But didn’t you say everything is God’s will? If he didn’t will evil, then there is no need for you to will good is there?

At this point, the Christian will reply: But evil is only chargeable to Man. Only goodness is chargeable to God. Evil happens in God’s domain but not outside his sovereignty. Only goodness is chargeable to Him.

You give the Christian some face, and try to think a little deeper. But only just.

The Christian will say: Yes.

And then you ask: So, all this evil is good for us.

The Christian say: Yes, er, no, er, yes, but…

You then say: So, having this casino in S’pore is good for us then?

The Christian say: No, er, I mean, yes… in a way.

In a way?

Yes, without evil, there is no good.

You say: So, for good to be, there must be evil.

The Christian will say: Yes.

You say: Because good is God and God is good

The Christian will say: Yes.

You say: So, without evil, there can be no good. Without good, there can be no God, but God is glorious because he is good.

The Christian say: I guess so. But God is God no matter if there is good or evil because he is the Lord.

If there is neither good nor evil, so what is God? Is he just a croupier at the Black Jack table dealing out the cards, so to speak?

The Christian will say: Yes, I guess you can see that way. He deals you good or bad cards, you just have to accept it.

But a croupier has no control over the cards. God does, over the fate of his domain. So he deals you good or evil and you have to accept it?

The Christian say: Yes.

You say: I am confused now. Didn’t you say evil is not chargeable to God? only Man chooses to commit evil?

Yes. But…

You say: But that evil will become good, right? Oh, I see. Ok, I think we can have the casino in S’pore then because some good will come out of it.

The Christian: But, but…


A dog will lick its own balls thinking they taste good. But those of us standing by the side will know it is not hygienic.

* comments pasted by estelwen... ironic isn't it.... i found this article when someone was promoting chirstianity... haha... oh well..

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


can't be bothered to update. i screwed my papers and i swear i wun screw it again.. i am tired and sick but no fever... i owe ppl money, i wan to buy chocolate... i shall skip lunch... need to slim down..
haha... ciao
~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come