Tuesday, July 26, 2005

to dan the mysterious tagger


dan: if u truly believe in freedom of speech, why are u so adverse towards people talking about their beliefs? is it that threatening? Would u feel that way if u really had faith in what you believed? dan: why're you getting so worked up? does being atheist mean you must be antichristian? what about islam? judaism? catholocism? buddhism? scientology? I want to see you talk about those.

haha.. dan u r one funny guy... y do u ask me y m i worked up when i see tt e one getting worked up is non other than u urself? yes i would like 2 know who u r so tt i can talk 2 u abt religion on msn or thru email. tag is simply too small in space for us to talk abt it. estelwen_yang@yahoo.com.sg pls feel free to email me abt this..

firstly, i think u are very contradictory in many MANY MANY ways, y am i so adverse towards ppl talking abt their beliefs? then why r u adverse towards me talking abt my belief tt god doesn't exist?

yes, in fact atheist to me consist this element of being anti christian, i have never denied tt fact.. i am in fact VERY AGAINST christians. initially it was because they just keep slamming their religion into my face when on countless times i have told them i show no interest in their religion. their method of forcing their thinking onto others & their intolerance of other religions turned me off tremendously as well.

slowly i started to read up & ask my christian friends on what it is like to be a christian & what this religion is really all abt & i realised christianity is simply against what i myself believe in.

i used to believe in the existence of god, of no specific religion but i believed tt a supernatural force did exist & i do pray sometimes, in my own way, tt things will go well for my family & friends. (haha... i insulted confucious after my O level exams & i was so worried tt i might just flunk all my papers... :P )

yet as i grew up & faced the harsh realities of life, i realised tt everything ard me is nt as complete & beautiful as it seemed anymore. tt even the word relatives can be so fake. tt even this saying tt goes smthing like blood is thicker than water doesn't mean a single thing to me. tt friends r just temporary relationships u have with them & it doesn't last forever. & alot of things & factors tt made me quite disillusioned with life. i realised tt this god if he is a god is not helping me, be it mentally & spiritually. i realised tt i needed to stop believing in things tt don't exist & instead work on & cherish the things tt exist.

i first came into contact this word atheist on another blogger's entry but only declared myself 2 b an atheist only just recently because of personal reasons. i realised tt generally e beliefs of an atheist fits my beliefs abt religion.

as to why i do not talk abt other religions, it is because they don't promote or force their beliefs on me, & it is also because i have only a vague idea of what these religions are abt. therefore, do u think it's fair tt i criticize or go against their religion for no particular reason?

dan: stop focusing on what cannot be "proven", because that's a fact. ur disagreement wont change anything, if u just bothered to look beyond the superficiality and stereotypical accusations, u may find something different. but I guess u won't anyway, aren't I right?

i do nt understand, what are u referring abt tt cannot be proven? are u referring to those can be proven in the bible like the noah's arc & other artefacts tt prove that jesus christ did exist so does god?
ur words are superficial, therefore i do not understand ur accusations as well, pardon my stupidity. what religion, specifically christianity, has presented 2 me r facts which i find nt to my taste and in many cases undesirable.
one thing i like to question is, do u know me very well? if nt, what makes u think that i have not looked beyond what u claimed to be the superficial & the stereotypical? thanks for ur accusations but no thanks i do not accept it & i find it extremely rude & insulting.

dan: i would doubt the faith of your "friends" too if they weren't trying to help you, because in their eyes, that is exactly what they're doing, help.

i have no idea what u are talking abt. i guess ur english must be superb....

thanks for reading my blog & giving me ur views. if u like to debate with me more, u can kindly flood my tag and piss me off & force me to accuse u tt u have no morals or u can email me.
i would also like to thank u for flooding my tag with ur very powerful command of the english langauge & gave so much comments of which half i didn't understand but thanks for wasting ur time all the same.
lastly thanks to u, i have reinforced my own defitions of being an atheist. haha... but more or less it remains the same.

an atheist to me is having this belief
that there is no god and that our lives are controlled by ourselves with out very own hands and not through other devices.
that i am open to other religion & their beliefs & will willingly accept it if it applies to me.
that i am bounded not by rituals or beliefs that no longer apply to how i'm living my life but by my own morals & beliefs.
that as long as i'm happy & my friends stand by me & accept me for who i am, nothing else really matters.
that i am truly free.
thanks to faith and weilian for everything since i've entered jc... haha... eunice too!
~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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