Wednesday, July 27, 2005


dan: does anyone on the internet have a face? or identity for that matter? pardon me, but i did not come here to start an argument, i just felt certain things you've said in your entires highly offensive
dan: i also apologise if i have offended you, but that is absolutely not my intention. i don't think that sarcasm and sardonism is really called for.

hmmm... my sincere apologies if my previous entry has offended u in anyway but it was never my intention to offend any one as in ur case where u didn't intent to offend me or to start an argument in my blog. just in case u r nt aware, i have pasted more offensive materials in this site before regarding christianity & i did add my own comment saying tt these things posted here were nvr meant to offend but it's because i've shown interest in the article or agree to SOME EXTENT on what the author has written & i hope tt my christian friends who read this will nt be offended by what is said abt their religion. thankfully they've been very very understanding & have nt hit out at me for my "lack of faith" but have instead corrected me on my many misconceptions on their religion & have been open minded in discussing the issue of religion with me as well.

"i don't think that sarcasm and sardonism is really called for."

maybe i wld like to make this clear to you then, this is (in case it doesn't get into ur head) MY blog & MY blog is also equals 2 MY beliefs & MY aims in life. if u know me well enough 2 b my friend or told me frankly tt u were offended by what i have pasted on my blog, i would gladly have apologised sincerely & took down the offensive content since religion is after all a sensitive issue. however, u, who have no or little understanding of my life & my beliefs, u, whom i don't even know ur name or ur face started 2 tag my board with such a strong sense of sarcasm tt even an illiterate wld have detected it, and even went on 2 accuse me of my lack of faith.
hmm... why not let's think the other way round, if someone came up to u & slapped u for being a christian, wouldn't u be angered or offended tt ur beliefs are being taken so lightly?
ha! & u think that the sarcasm & sardonism wasn't really called for. like sining said, had u been more receptive, had u been more open minded to what others thought of ur holy religion, u wouldn't be here puking crap & dirtying my blog with ur waste.

i always believed tt "do not do unto others what u would not do unto urself." most christians however seem to lack this belief & i see tt u r one of those as well.

btw, i think i have the right to paste what i want on my blog & if it really doens't suit ur taste, please leave since our beliefs clash in the first place. or if u think tt a blog is a open diary where anyone can access it & has the right 2 comment on it, then please comment on the article alone & don't hit out on me & my beliefs cause i think that is highly unfair of u to pass a judgement on me so quickly. also it is extremely ridiculous & naive of u to think tt ur offensive sentence will not trigger off a argument or a sarcastic comment.
u shld be glad tt i bothered to respond to ur comments with 2 entries cus even my good friends r nt entitled to tt.
also i think christians who forcefully promote their faith to others shld reflect on what their "real" duty is. are they really trying to give us our salvation or trying to piss us off? if i started promoting atheistism to them & told them that having & praying to no god is their true salvation, would they have been happy as well? so instead of accusing me of lacking something, y nt pause to reflect how the followers of ur religion has been treating other non-christians?

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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