Tuesday, February 12, 2013


it's funny what the head does to u
how much joy n how much pain
is all dictated by the brain
and it's whole network of emotions

mercurial is what you've always described me to be
highly emotional fucktard.

how do u feel peace
in the face of all these that is going on.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

a truckload of ramblings

it's been so long. so very much long

the days have been depressing
but for what reason
i don't really know

maybe i do
maybe all along i've felt that this was wrong
that i shouldnt be suppressing all the angst i feel towards this
trying to change me issue

it wasn't a superficiality thing
it was about what we saw different

and now that u're going back again
life in a way will go to a standstill
life between us

it's e frustration i guess
not being able to make up my mind
i hate leaving things hanging as it is

but there isnt a problem
u wld say
why does a quarrel always seem
like the end of the world