Tuesday, February 21, 2012

this should end soon...

i really really really like u

but if this goes on i don't think i'll be happy

i feel that i already am perfect the way i am
my imperfections are part of me. it is a flaw but it makes me me.

i think i can dress up when need arises. i think there will be times where i will make fashion faux pas.

i do not wish to change how my teeth looks. my parents gave me a set of teeth that may nt be as perfect as urs but enuff for me to eat good food.

physical imperfections of a person shouldnt be something that we strive to change in another person. just so because this is superficial, it makes me wonder why u are so concerned about this superficial aspect of me and why this superficial aspect has to match up to ur mum.

and i am really tired

there seems to be no resolution in this matter

u love me but...

it'll be that but that will kill the both of us.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

memory keeper

u haf no idea how happy i am to get my skype history back

i like reading
n seeing how dynamics between ppl change
over time
for better for worse
it's usually the better ones that i keep

to remind myself of how far we've made it
the little joy, fears, the odd things we did that we've grown so used to with time


ppl leave. i nearly forgot tt.

but before u go

this box i give to u

n we'll be our memory keeper

we'll meet again

i hope we do.

orange days.in memory of all of us:)

will miss
the late night suppers, the HTHT sessions, the drinking sessions, the madness the randomness the loves, the jogging session, the emo nights, the nights i thought i wasn't loved, the nights when i thought i was the happiest person alive, the cat outside my door that stay and left and stayed and left, the late walks to halls, fighting for pillows, steamboats.
the days u came n stayed
the days we thought we couldnt care less
the days we thought we ruled the world
the days we planned little trips unplanned
the days we drove on the wrong side of the lane

4 years

and now we're all moving on...

these. all these names. i will grow to miss.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

mental clutter

and that voice inside ur head. who is speaking to you, now... in silent whispers and screams
and then there was light
and next came the days
but who are these voices
and what do they speak
these codes signals and maybe nothing at all
maybe for once i should listen hard
and follow
lead my army to victories
before i can lay down my burdens
live on thy name