Tuesday, February 21, 2012

this should end soon...

i really really really like u

but if this goes on i don't think i'll be happy

i feel that i already am perfect the way i am
my imperfections are part of me. it is a flaw but it makes me me.

i think i can dress up when need arises. i think there will be times where i will make fashion faux pas.

i do not wish to change how my teeth looks. my parents gave me a set of teeth that may nt be as perfect as urs but enuff for me to eat good food.

physical imperfections of a person shouldnt be something that we strive to change in another person. just so because this is superficial, it makes me wonder why u are so concerned about this superficial aspect of me and why this superficial aspect has to match up to ur mum.

and i am really tired

there seems to be no resolution in this matter

u love me but...

it'll be that but that will kill the both of us.

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