Sunday, January 06, 2008

can someone tell me why self mutilation is wrong. when there's so much anger, irritation & sadness itside u, why is self mutilation wrong?
when u live in hse with a fucking mother, how do u scream? how do u shout out loud? how do u let go of the things bottled up inside? when to cut urself is the only silent way, why is it fucking wrong?
when someone who's supposed to listen doesn't listen, & then there's no one else to listen to u, why is letting out ur emotion in such a way wrong?
so they say we're the weaker generation, but i really don't care. if this is the only way, i don't see why anyone has the reason to condemn it.

it's nt like we're going to die. it's only makes me feel better.......


fuck u & go to hell