Monday, January 07, 2008

it's a cold & cruel world - but u can eat icecream.hahahaha

they always say neighbourhood schs r better cus of e more "family" working environment.

personally, i feel like i'm being left alone in a corner to die & be forgotten. the only times where they really honestly rmbered me was when they needed me. my "mentor" is always so damn busy tt i wasn't even given an orientation of e sch. in fact, i haven't even had a proper conversation with her. i need to noe how to take MCs, how to take leaves etc etc. i'm so damn interested in getting sick. everyone's friendly. u know. just friendly. it's as if they trying to see if i have e initiative to ask, if nt, information doesn't come. so now i'm on e verge of paranoia hoping i don't miss out any meetings or duties, or else i can just imagine them smirking at me, the greenhorn.

i must have made my workplace sound like hell. haha. no wonder they arranged a workshop to help us differentiate between personal blog & professional work. as such, even before i rant abt my work, i have taken e trouble to officially censor my sch name off my blog.
& i'm teaching a em3 class for HE. abt puberty!!! maybe i shld make them watch e uncensored version of lust, caution. somehow i think i've this elitist mindset, coming frm good classes & gd schs. em3 ppl to me is kinda of like so out of the league & honestly they really scare e shits out of me. u always hear horror stories of how kids beat up e teachers, how rude they r towards teachers & stuff. but honestly, i think maybe compared to e elites, they're less scheming & maybe a little more frank in their expression, which technically makes them more human.

but still, i can't deny that whenever there r cons, there r pros as well. so having a corner table out of everyone's sight means i can dig my nose in peace. HAHAHA. like i even have e time to dig. i have sucky half an hr breaks. somehow, i feel like i'm being prepared for nie.

hell i want to get into nie soon. & live with my pet cat in e hostel. heh.

i miss cps. damn.

& i'm addicted to badminton still. rawwwrrrr

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chocolate buddy said...

what time do you end school? do you have breaks? i go your school la. i'll save you and whisk you away!