Thursday, February 26, 2009

fake frens and monies

a theorist is a terrorist... who terrorizes us with his theories.

wth is CDA. it is come dig ass. just jking, it's critical discoarse analysis and it is a damn interesting topic if u didn't have to write stupid essays about how people make use of language to manipulate other ppl.

and u'll realised that all this while, if ur mind is subconsciously resisting those damn stupid adverts like "because i love u, drink this damn tea" (rmb?) or steoreotypes being portrayed, den u're actually part of the terrorist grp too. just that u've not been fully inducted into the organization unless u've gone thru this stupid course called the CDA.

so nxt time u see adverts that seem to be talking to u, know that u're just another tiny faceless stupid consumer the author is targeting at. this is called synthetic personalization. and it treats u as if u are a fren but actually they dun even noe u. they just want ur monies.


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