Monday, February 16, 2009

hey galllllll gross

there's smthing abt acquaintances addressing me as gal that freaks me out and pisses me off immensely.

don't ask me why. maybe it's just a chemistry b/w e yaya sisterhood thang u noe.

just don't hey gal this and hey gal that if u dun noe me okayyyyyy

i dun noe u THAT well so i'm not ur gal.


There are many wonderful things, but none is more wonderful than man.

u must be jokin. HURHUR

1 comment:

Teacher Huihui said...

hey GAL!
have u done ur assignment GIRL?
Are you staying in hall for the recess week GAL?

See you around GIRL!


*trying hard to piss u off but not possible cuz i DO know u*

=-evil laughzzzz HHOOoooOHOOooo-=