Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i have a dream a fantasy

i have a religion... it is called what the fuck, get on with life

i have a belief... it is called atheism

i have a wish... it is to get a good saloon car

i have a goal... that is to do well to get a good pay

i have a life... that is pretty much not there

i have a dream, that aliens shld invade earth so that tom cruise can say his Scientology works and the whole world can bring the level of absurdity to another high.

i think you can only dream, if u're still a student, & u haven't entered the workforce.

or maybe it's a phase like menopause. after a while, everything in life starts to irk u.

aunties whom u use to be able to tolerate just gets on your nerves with their assumptions, generalizations of "youths", the non-stop flaunting of their glorious days.

then u have the idiots in class, with e sarong party girl accent, trying to act ang moh and sophisticated. get a life, be proud of who u are and stop e damn accent. it sucks

next u have teachers who keep targeting you during literature class, because the class doesn't talk and since u begged to be in her class, u owe her ur life, and thus u have to entertain e fucking class.

but life doesn't suck. it just pisses u off once in a while, like e freaking periods.

but i think it's sad, that i can't really dream that big anymore. because u've met sucky ppl, worked in a really sucky environment, got urself into sticky situations & then wish u were never born. that's e problem with bonds. it stops u from dreaming. it binds u to the ground and stop u from floating away like cute little balloon. no link.

it's like given a chance to start a race 50m in front of everyone else but with a dumbbell tied to ur leg. really dumb huh.

i only want my good salary and my car.

it's always good to start small... & see how far u go.

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