Monday, March 02, 2009

i'd rather not exist


fear, of the unknown. it's always abt what u think, & what i think i might have done wrong.
or maybe there is nthing even wrong abt it.

i wish i knew.
i wish i can describe myself in simple words.

i'm always on e edge, ready to fall, ready to spin out of control...

what are we all made up of? and what do we all seek in life?
is there a common ground?
am i living life the right way? what if all this while i've been a totally asshole with ppl hating me n i'm in total obliviousness

and it bugs me alot, because i dun really like myself now-a-days...

i'm becoming someone worse... i'm becoming someone i hate...

i'd rather be nothingness.... i'd rather not exist.

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