Monday, March 16, 2009

simin loves rose and cousins. <3

lol u wld nvr see this on my msn post.

because rose is reading my msn blog. HAHA ok la. i shall stop making fun of rose. rose is my cousin. LOL. really? really! really i nvr bluff u. HAHA

did u just experience e effects of a word being repeated so many times. it becomes e opposite of what it's supposed to mean.

but when u say i love u so many times does it still mean e same thing?

there was once i got really sick of it. i got very sick of calling ppl babe, darling, honey.

i wanted to be normal. to be sane. i was tired of myself. of my stupid antics of trying to make ppl squirm and den laugh. it's like i cld just die without laughter. it's like i cld die if i was less insane. i didn't want to be a clown. i hate being loud. yet i cldn't live without it...

and i didn't noe my msn blog can cause such a commotion among my cousins really. u mean u didn't noe i wasn't normal? u mean u didn't noe my mum is not normal too? oh wait, it just runs in e family. i shld have known tt was normal and not complain abt it & make it sound so abnormal. i noe they care. & i'm truly thankful that they care so much so that they had to remind my mum to give my less pressure before i jump off e building or walk into e middle of e road.

i think less abt suicide now. it used to cross my mind alot, which i felt was normal when anyone's depressed or insane like me.

if anything, it was everyone's love that kept me alive. i wasn't e strongest in e food chain. and i fell.. down down down.. i figure i'm somewhere in e middle now, so i shld be happy cus there's always someone worse off, and i have no reason to run away from what life has to offer till july when i have my backpacking. HAHA. other than that maybe life will be pretty boring. HAHA. ok jking.

i feel like setting up another blog for backpacking. and den whine abt how i wanna go alone into italy and get mugged. LOL. simin has nthing but guts. simin will come back alive even if she has to travel alone. =)

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