Sunday, March 22, 2009

e ups & downs

i'm pretty much screwed cus i have an assignment due mon and wed and i have not done a damn thing.

& it is effing 3am. i am drained.

and i have not studied my japanese as well. i dun noe wad is going on in class. LOLLOL.

damn tt stupid test on my bday. why e hell must it be on 31st?? URGH.

and julia is going thru e hard time for her attachment too... i wish there was smthing i could do....

we are all depressed, worn out. we need rest from this world..


pls dun let me fall. pls be strong.

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echizen said...

*patpat* You can ask me if it's about Japanese classes; I can try to help (though no promises lol)!