Thursday, March 05, 2009

live on

i cannot live for god, because his existence is questionable

i cannot live for u, because things happen, people change and u might leave me

i cannot live for my parents, because they will move ahead of me when their time comes

i cannot live for myself for that would be selfish as my heart cannot accommodate anyone one else

i cannot live for love, for love fails, heartbreak kills, and it is not forever.

i cannot live for the memories or friends that have come to past, for they are gone and will not come back to me no matter how much i wish for them

i live and let my actions be guided by what i've been taught is good, if there's anything that ppl can judge me by, it is through one's virtue.

so please let me have a heart that will love, accept failures, differences, betrayal, death and separation and not judge people because i have no right to do so.

let me have a clear conscience so that i will not falter in my sincerity towards friends and family, be responsible to those i love and those who love me, and i will not be bitter about what life has not given me but treasure what experience has taught me.

pls forgive me if i've done anything wrong... i'm trying hard...

divine revelation?
just because e sun was shining on me.
stupid photo. HAHA

1 comment:

cutehui said...

it's divine!!
the sun CHOSE to shine on u alone =x