Thursday, April 20, 2006

MY MUM IS WATCHING DA CHANG JIN IN CHINESE!!! *FOAMS* *stabs dubbers* i hate dubbers... their chinese is so disgusting... and the worse thing is that their expression(in terms of their actual emotions & tone of voice & their age...) is twisted if u watch e dub cus the dubbers are nt acting!!! *SCREAMS* *waves parang @ dubbers*

looking back.... there wasn't any hysteria, there wasn't any anger.... i was just spurred on by curiousity & a bit of self pity...
i guess e most ironic thing abt this was that it coincided with the principle of putting myself in others' shoes.... so u cld say that some part of me just wanted to know....

i've slowly come to realise tt resiliance is nt just how one reacts to defeat but also how one reacts to external pressure.... to maintain calm & composure under pressurizing circumstances, & it is only through resilience that we maintain our principles no matter what...

ok i'm nt making sense...

i think i'm starting nt to understand ppl too.... LEP has too many weird ppl... correction... NY has too many weird ppl where u cannot even understand where the hell r they comin frm or where the hell they're going... haha... wait... tt includes me as well rite? o_o

i think my human relations machine is shuttin down... which means i live solely on e existence of bks, air, food, water & sex. tell me abt great philosophies of life or abt ur judgement on humans/organisms & i'll go smthing like "huh?"... maybe i just don't feel like looking more than what is shown to me on the surface, since we're so superficial, i might as well conform to these social "norms"... or maybe i've joined the ranks of apathetic youths of e new ipod generation.... which is great cus i think i just wanna focus on exams & nthing more... bfs & gfs can come after As....

or maybe.... just maybe....

tired tired tired......
i've basically lost the will to fight for smthing because i've come to see it as totally meaningless so i'll just do whatever i can & whatever is within my means... & yeah, i've lost all interest in voting, because e system of "zi lian"ism doesn't work despite soceity's aggressive promotion of it... ppl who r totally incapable but can speak well (ie birdbrain) r chosen while ppl who have the capability, r responsible r sadly neglected.... i dun see it as apathetic, i see it as giving up hope on an aveunue of expression while meanwhile searching for other avenues which will work... forget abt youth parliament while PAP is in ctrl, forget abt freedom of speech, forget abt democracy... u can't fight a system so don't bother... unless u want to end up like chee soon juan...

*haven been slping well, haf been missing bus stops, haf been crossing rds like i own it & suddenly realise tt i'm in e middle of e rd with cars wheezing past me in both directions, haf been dreaming alot.... abt u, me & what we once were & what we are now....*


오나라 오나라 아주 오나 Onara onara aju ona

If asked to come, will he really come?

가다라 가다라 아주 가나 gadara gadara aju gana

If asked to leave, will he really leave?

나나니 다려도 못 노나니 nanari daryeodo mot nonani

Even after waiting for countless days, we will not be together

아니리 아니리 아니 노네 aniri aniri ani none

Nay, nay, it is nay

헤이야 디이야 헤이야다라 니노 he-i-ya di-i-ya heiyadara nino


오지도 못하나 다려 가마 ojido mothana daryeo gama

You cannot come, so take me instead

에야 디야 에야나라 니요 eya diya eyanara niyo


오지도 못하나 다려 가마 ojido mothana daryeo gama

You cannot come, so take me instead

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