Saturday, April 01, 2006

i would like to draw ur attention to this very very interesting & hilarious conversation

<caisiminjie>: nice new skin! :D i like the color scheme :P btw, i think i had tt song last time.. and everything in italics is v diff to read ne. >_<
: ehh, that was me, btw. why did it turn out as csmj??? o_O
<caisiminjie>: if it turns out as csmj agn, i'll kill myself. I AM ECHIZEN OKAY. damn cbox.
<caisiminjie>: okay. im off to kill myself now. /end zi yan zi yu.
<caisiminjie>: hahaha! it loves caisiminjie (sidenote: this was by me estelwen)

this got me laughing for quite a while... hahah! ECHIZEN U'RE SO CUTE U NOE! LOLLOLLOL!
haha anway, one of e reasons i changed back to this cedar blogskin was that e green one was kinda of screwed & i wanted more space to write XD jasmine u rock! ganbette neh! smile always!

anyway, i found this very interesting website
it's able to match a photo u've uploaded to a face that is quite similar to e one u've uploaded, i've been matched to zhang ziyi & my sis has been matched to bae yong jun worr... XD
u can try it out here...

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