Monday, April 03, 2006

i would say, good genes are hereditary, so if u have a cousin who's handsome, u'll most probably be handsome (if u're a guy) & chio (if u're a gurl)
apparently, my cousin, who's now working in shanghai, is being tricked into entering this show called 相约星期六 which is like those tv match making sessions... o.O yesh & i just think this shows are horrid... futhermore he has a s'porean gf alrdy so i think he's colleague is just bo liao to e extent of trying to garner votes for him on this stupid forum

so u have lame comments ranging from 蛮帅的 to 呵呵,会的,卖相好赖,又是新加坡人,哟荷..... to 我喜欢的类型呀,口水ING to 穿得好花啊 心一定花!o.O o.O
it just shows e mentality of ppl who have nthing to do but gush abt guys....

what is e world coming to.... sighx

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