Saturday, April 08, 2006

pocky entry

YEAH!!!!!!! JASMINE BOUGHT ME POCKY & ZOOLAND! she even made me a four leaf clover! HOHOHO! i feel lucky!

picture of my pocky & zooland in happier times, unfortunately, zooland migrated into my stomach first, pocky has decided nt to migrate yet....
*cameo appearance by lucky four leaf clover*

picture of pocky with yet another cameo appearance by the kawaii clover leaf...

pocky in a seductive position...
* pocky shld consider a modelling career with clover leaf*

pocky is tilted... i can't tilt it up.... darn this photo but pocky & clover is cute all e same

pocky close up.... red, pink & sexy!
dun u agree that pocky is just so photogenic??!!! *squeals* one can just fangurl over pocky!

so pocky shall nt migrate into my stomach just yet! *grins*

i'm cranky...hohoho

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