Saturday, April 01, 2006

u r now officially permitted 2
1. drink booze
2. drive cars (& try nt 2 knock ppl down)
3. watch M-18 movies (like i've been watching porn all along)
4. Have sex
5. kill people & nt be treated as a juvenille (who cares, i'm going 2 annihilate birdbrains anyway, they're a threat 2 e society with their bird flu)

gd!... i have gained freedom! HURHURHUR.... that's only in status, since i dun benefit much frm this birthday cus i'm still economically dependent... damn.... i want a driving licence so tt i can knock birdbrains down...

first & foremost, a big THANK YOU (ありがとう!!! it's translated jap hohoho... but it just looks nice on moi blog.... XDXD) to these butch of ppl who just can't wait to wish me happy birthday & tell me how much they love me & how much they wish to see me 走桃花运...
thank u zhuang jing, chen jing "xue jie", jiang lai 情敌, angie my buddy, Melissa aka 猫猫, julia aka 小欣!, Jasmine babe aka echizen ryoma's 4ever love, wenshu aka tomtom, zhong jun (my new darling who lives in my neighbourhood! hohoho XD) & xiuling....

nt to forget these 2 ppl who sent me cute e cards

Liu Chang my dearest penpal

& huang bin XD

to 05a7a specifically, sockhoon, yuqing, beechoo, samantha, peishan, caijing (i hope i didn't miss out anyone) for rmb my bday & also for plannin to celebrate it with me... though there was some miscommunication of stuff but it's okay lar... haha XD

2 birdbrain, thank u for shaking my hand & traumatising me to e extend of me wanting 2 amputate my hand & then bath in dettol for infinite times... honestly i felt so pleasantly grossed out for quite a while...

to eunice, xiaoying & lynette! thank u so much for everything, lep lessons would have been so much different w.o u guys... just gld tt u guys always try to be there for me XD thanks!

to zhixin, chee, HLmilk aka hsiang gay, wenxin, soo.... lep room will definitely be so fun & crazy with u guys ard... thank u guys 4 makin my day! yes i love e very "normal" perzzies u gave me... hohoho.... i will rmb to take my medication often! & cheechee, thanks for e love letter!! to my gor aka gay, thanks for being such a great fren & thank u so much for e prezzie too! haha! & to insane weilian & crazy faith, thank u so much for e prezzies too! to my forever darlings pris & pam, thanks for e nice shirt! hahaha! i love all moi presents alot! thanks 4 takin time out 2 choose such thoughtful gifts, i'll keep them with me always...

haha thanks for e nice bday cake too, it was great to have everyone around to just remind me that i'm nt alone & that i'm loved... thanks thanks & thanks again to all those who rmb me XD
love ya always!

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