Friday, April 21, 2006

on countless occasions today,
i have this strong urge to slap, disfigure, multilate someone.... or to put it simply, i just have this urge to sew their mouths up...

before we begin, let's do a simple exercise.
step 1:
if u think u're the cleverest & cannot stand anyone correcting ur mistakes, pls proceed to slap urself as many times as possible on the face

step 2:
if u think ur mouth is so damn big that u haf to share this advantage with everyone, correcting their mistakes, promoting ur beliefs & just cannot fuckingly shut up abt it & the worse thing is to force it on someone, pls repeat step 1, afterwhich, pls dip ur head into a toilet full of crap & flush it repeatedly till u die.

for extra bonus & to add more fun & excitment, u can request for durains & i will kindly deliver it up ur asses to give u an experience u can nvr forget.

anyway, today we had a live dubber during P2 lesson today. in fact, it was so damn exciting tt i felt like throwing durains over to her place so tt she can just keep her mouth shut & let me enjoy my cha guan in peace. i mean c'mon just fuckingly shut up will ya, i noe u've watched e show so what? u dun haf to go ard repeating after every actors' lines & givin all e unnecessary & bimbotic, wait it's nt even bimbotic, it's imbecile comments like"aiyoh... zhe yang ke lian" like get a life man, who doesn't noe e little girl on e screen is ke lian but just shut up, we dun need to affect our mood. & the most "cute" thing abt u is tt nt even 1 comment tt comes out of ur mouth makes sense. in other words, stop acting clever when u're nt.

& i hate ppl who lie... & e worse thing is to lie till e extent where everyone can just see thru it, see thru ur pathetic attempt to cover up everything, see thru ur frantic attempt to act clever.... u noe what? it just backfires, u'll appear 10 times more stupid than u already are because
1. u attempted to lie abt smthing intelligent
2. u tot no one will see thru it
3. u are wrong, in the case of intelligence & in the case where no one will see thru it...

so yar, get a life, go & die....

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