Thursday, December 01, 2005

yesterday was horrible.... no wonder i'm in a damn cranky & bad mood now... must be the after effects of the horrible performance. this is made worse by the fact that i've come into close contact with bimbos who are irresponsible, have lousy acting skills, are quite dumb in terms of common sense & basically act bimbotic like their lives depend on it. URGH..

but to look on the bright side, i managed to collect a whole bunch of lightsticks for my "kawaii" *pukes* little brother who now proclaims that he loves his da jie (of which now i have something to threaten him with) teehee gor has managed to owe me another lunch treat... basically he has accumulated a whole list of things which he has yet to really give mek a real treat so forget it... gahx

i realised that my wishlist for chirstmas is just to have a mp3 player >.< haha... my discman is screwed......... gahxxxxx... feel like robbing a bank

i think i'm breathing in second hand cigarette smoke... why must all bosses smoke? stupidddd

i shall do a evaluation of the farewell during lunch time! MUAHAHA

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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