Monday, December 05, 2005

was shopping ard for angels today... i mean it.. that kind of angels with wings.. but cannot find.. it's either too big bulky & not to mention quite ugly, or it doesn't even look like a angel at all... now i know how hard it is to find angels..

i have camp tml... sighx... the only comfort is that eunice is my grp *hugs eunice* ... so much things not done...
1. stocktake
2. homework - lep
- history
3. forum for lep website
4. lep website
5. revision
6. lep project
7. econs project

i want my holidays back! this is basically crap cus i need a damn bloody long break to get my life back... i dun wanna sleep at like 4 plus going homework or the stuff i like cus i'll be just a walking corps the nxt day.. DAMN U the education system! DAMN U.

on a more positive note... i have plans to bombard the SC forum with tons & tons of moral & ethical questions & see how they tackle it...
1. what are the qualities expected of a SC? is responsibility a value that SC places importance on?

2. if yes, how do u explain for the lack of responsibility demonstrated by the majority of the SC?
egs. they are absent for lessons frequently, they claim to be the voice of the school yet do not unite the students in a single cause, they do not even fulfil their basic responsibility in other areas such as projects & claim SC activities to be the main reason for them being so busy..

3. how do you expect to maintain the student population's confidence in this SC board if you all don't do anything to lead the school? you have a suggestion box yes, but isit used often? are student's suggestions even taken into consideration? how do we know that it is taken into consideration by you all or the school?

4. we cannot even cheer properly, as seen from the very disheartening level of enthusiasm given by the students on the day of the v.ball competition held in toa payoh sports stadium. the students of course are also at fault for not being as enthusiastic but was anything done after that lousy cheering session to make sure that such a tragedy does not happen again? i don't see my class's SC asking my class what are the improvements that can be made... do you just leave it at this? so this is our level of pride for the school? we can't even cheer our school name in unison, so do we even have the right to call ourselves NYJCians? do we even have to right to say we have a school identity? are we even proud of our school?

5. has the SC done a evaluation of how popular this student leader body is with the school? what does the school think of the SC? do you guys even know?

am i being too harsh? i'm contemplating whether to paste this on the forum... which is kinda of empty now so i wanna spice it up with some controversial stuff... *evil laughs*

if there is anything i would like to do given a chance... i would like to be a pc for cedar... hahaha.. but then again... i would be too obsessed with pc activities to even study... how i hate having depressions... gahx.. lol

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