Friday, December 16, 2005

u noe me... u don't noe me...
many faces.colourful masks.different facades
laughter.hysteria.i appear to be happy 24/7
scars.fears.darkness... hidden inside, now u see it, now u don't
i am who u see me, i fear e darkness, yet it is my best ally...

harlow eArThLinGs, i Am iNvAdDer ZiM aNd i HaveE cOmE to InVAde uR PlaNEtT eArTh.. uR LaNd SucKs... gIVe ItT UpP! SuRRrEnDerR!!! WaVee ur FLAG!! MAUAHAHAHAHA... okok.... lame lame *bends down to find legs*

- cartoons (power ranger plus a whole lot of disney cartoons)
- children's department in shoppin centres (yes yes i haf no childhood)
- shoppin like a ah soh in e supermarket
- actin childish & lame
- eatin raw food (& hopefully die of fd poisoning)
- the darkness
- porn (heh XD okok jkjk)
- blue
- languages
- singing (& breaking window panes)
- my friends
- to think of life & its philosophies
- cedar (a sea of blue)
- Aspires to marry legolas, but will not be choosy if a
suitable candidate comes by..... reknown for using
violence on opposite sex though gender of self remains unknown
- my mei mei
to see u smile, to take away all ur fears, to feel loved...

- irresponsible ppl
- ppl who treat me as a replacement
- ppl who don't repect my religious freedom
- ppl who act as if they have a IQ of infinity when in actual fact have a IQ of 0
- myself & my many disgusting habits

define urself... that is e question we ask ourselves everyday, who are we? what do we seek... define..
we wld love to have ans, most humans hate instability, they hate not knowing the ans...
i am who u define me to be, i am who i define myself... love me or hate me...
this is ur choice...
what do you see? what do you wish to see?

if all else fails hold on to the believe tt there is a better tml...
for even the smallest person can change the course of e future...

this is my friendster profile... but i dun feel comfortable putting depressing stuff dere so i took it down & posted it here... gahx...

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