Friday, December 02, 2005

it was all glam & glamour as our "dear" principal retired after giving 37 years of herself to education... the ceremony lasted for 2 & a half hrs... i didn't shed a single tear...


it was just a simple farewell ceremony, wthout the prom & decorations that is expected of a principal who was cedar's miracle... the farewell lasted for an hr or so... i was drowning in my own tears...


see the difference? i don't know... but i felt it... deeply...
it was just a simple comparison b/w humble & proud...


~i can't blame her for being proud of her 37 years of "contribution" to singapore's education... but i'm just disgusted when i sat through her billingual ppt which flaunted to us her humble contributions to the chinese language education... oh wait... when did singapore have only a chinese teacher who is passionate towards the chinese language... she even went to the extent of attaching her sons email to substantiate her claims that she spent more time on the school then with her family... i just felt like carving the word "S-H-A-M-E-L-E-S-S" next to her name...
everything abt this ceremony was about her & her & her alone... it seemed like these achievments were purely because of her "talents & cpabilities"... the students were just backdrops to allow her to radiate out her "motherly glow"... the teachers were just tools who were guided by her "motherly hands"... somehow it sounded like dictatorship rather than partnership b/w the principal & the teachers...
AND! AND! AND!.... oh my gawwddd... she happily accepted a sash tt wrote this words... best principal... PULEASE!!! ... she is definitely not my best...
i agree what she did was amazing... like giving students a second chance, paying attention to classes with lower grades... but whao... she's not the only one who does all these amazing stuff... other principals did as well... it's just that she flaunted hers more...
everything just made me feel like pukin... i can't stand it when people flaunt shamelessly... it's just plain disgusting... it just makes ur contributions nothing as compared to those who contributed because they truly wanted to give... it makes me wonder what ur aims truly are... to help students? or to gain glory?


she refused to have anything associated with herself.... Cedar's achievements, Cedar's glory in the past 5 years... everything.... everything was possible because the school made it possible.. we.. the teachers.. the students.. she refused to sit on a VIP chair prepared specially for her because she said to accept such glorification would be unrealistic... we were already crying like crazy even before the event started... we did a song & dance item for her... self composed... because we wanted to give her something from our hearts... our present HPC made a speech, thanking her for the wonderful things she gave cedar within a short period of 5 years... the things she taught us, the wonderful experiences she shared with us... she always treated us as adults... to mould us into women of substance of character...
she didn't prepare a speech for us... but she went up to stage all the same... she told us that for once she shall not prepare something... but rather say it from her heart... she denied all accolates given to her... said that she didn't deserve all these because it wouldn't have been possible if it was a one way thing... she talked about her partnership with the staff of cedar, she recalled the times when she first entered cedar together with our batch & had to get use to our cheering... she admired our zest for life... she told us the frustrations she faced during this 5 years... she cried...we cried & laugh together in the hall as she told us everything & everything of what she has observed & learnt from us... with short "intermissions" in b/w so that she could clear her nose & she passed a remark saying that she didn't like to wear mascara... >.<>

Cedar soared.... all because of her... how come she doesn't flaunt her contributions like the other principal did... her encouragements always works... her philosophies about life... if there's anyway better to thank you, i'll remember them all... the system of suggestion box set up in cedar... the various changes made because of the school looking into these suggestions instead of the stupid metal box set up by the SC outside the canteen that grows cobwebs...
we have a starbucks corner, we have more colourful canteens & classrooms self decorated by students... extended library hours, with the libarian being much more humane & canteen operating hours being made longer... what more can i ask for...

change is the only constant... i'll miss you....

~Missing you~ (farewell song for ms leong)
All these five years
That we shared with you
The time we spent hearing you out over there

Through newspapers, character ed
We remember them all deep in our hearts

Thank you for your contributions to Cedar,
to Cedar
We will never forget what you have done

And so we are missing you lots
Miss you lots, miss you lots
Thank you for what you have done
Thank you for what you have done
And so we are missing you lots
Miss you lots, miss you lots
We love you so much so Ms Leong

The times which you joked,
Laughed with us,comforted us in distress
Fighting for a chance to heighten our growth
In leadership and exchange programmes

You motivate us
Telling us to pursue our biggest dreams

From ABCs,
To learn how to be gracious Cedarians
Who hold the Cedar flag high


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