Saturday, July 22, 2006

you wonder what I am doing?

“You wonder what I am doing? Well, so do I, in truth. Days seem to dawn, suns to shine, evenings to follow, and then I sleep. What I have done, what I am doing, what I am going to do, puzzle and bewilder me. Have you ever been a leaf and fallen from your tree in autumn and been really puzzled about it? That’s the feeling.”

- T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia), 1935.

this wk wasn't good. i stress WASN'T

e time of the month is nt smthing i enjoy because i'll definitely cry, i'll definitely have headaches like someone just knocked my head with a brick & i'm sensitive to lights. yes even sunlight. i become extremely tempremental, moody & feels depressed all of a sudden when i'm alone. like if tt's nt enough, i feel lerthargic & am now lagging seriously behind in my studies because i'm too tired to do hmwrk & study for wkly tests.

but still i try to remain normal, resist e urge to hit out at anybody who's talking to be & try to be nice. u find it funny really, because even when u're very aware tt u've become more irritatable, there's really nthing much u can do to control ur emotions because it seems to be in control of u most of the time.

i think i've grown considerably weaker as i grow up. i cld still live life like it's normal in the past when i have hormonal changes. now i'm no different frm being sick.

and e worse thing was my computer decided to play me out now. now all my information, songs & photos might be gone. screwed.

it's 2 months. wait. it's nt even 2 months & now i feel utterly depressed. hurhur. it's tt time of e month again.

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