Tuesday, July 04, 2006


so now u have another ***-loving companion whom u can cofide ur troubles in. welcome to the we love *** club where we talk abt everything under the sun that *** has given us. meanwhile we will try to ************ anyone who doesn't seem to agree with us or maybe we'll just use peer-pressure to force *** onto her. then we will have more ppl joining the ***y club rite?

singgers at this ignorant bunch of shitheads. dun look at me, i'm nt talking abt u. u love urself too much to even think tt ppl haf e nerve to critise u & ur ***. u wanna play hide & seek with me? i'd love playing it with u too.

u know what, i pity ur ***, i pity u too. i don't care if pity means to look down on ppl cus i am & i won't deny tt this is how i've been looking at u.

frm ur all so lovely god damn it bloody hell "friend"

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