Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ladies & gentlemen, presenting to u...

cedar had T&F today...

haha. & we got 3rd 3rd...for e 2 divisions. it's lousier than last year somemore. i tell u sports sch shld go to hell cus they are being trained at asian standard so it's really not fair tt they shld compete at the national level. they have an advantage over everyone.

but life's nvr fair in the first place. gahxxxxx

but as long as cedar keeps the fighting spirit up & keep the presence of tt sea of blue there in the stadium, i'll be cheering for them all the way. hahahaha. but i heard all the coaches are being recruited to teach in other schs too. those really rich schs like rgs & hci. god tt sucks.

did i tell u some ppl suck alot too. just some ppl. ok fuck u some ppl. hahaha. wadever lar. sometimes i can't be bothered with u. hope u bang into a wall or smthing. & u know what. hope u wake up soon & stop hurting those ppl closest to u.

thank gdness hui hui dearest is accompaning me tml in displaying our sexiness in nice ethnic costumes. haha. i think no one else bothers to wear so it's be nice tt we can stand out of e rest of e ppl in class & attract attention like we always do. lolx. thanks hui dear! *grins*


how do u grade perfection?

how do u grade right & wrong?

how do u grade what's beautiful when beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

to grade art subjects are the most stupid thing one can do. for essays u have some god damn it LORMs (level of response).
u mean u can actually grade one's person response to an event? so if there are no right & wrongs to an issue, u start going into the grey areas & picking on ppl's response?

& what abt art & lit?

i'm fine if u wanna grade painting skills but what abt expression?

how the hell do u grade what an artist wants to express?

some ppl send out strong msges through subtilty, some through exaggeration.
it all boils down to personality, expression & emotion. how da hell do u grade tt?

i really dun get it when ppl have a stupid white room, place a faulty bulb in it which flashes once in a while can get praises for its "art piece". or maybe some stupid artist who decides to spray paint all over a piece of paper & sell it for millions while ppl try to decipher "hidden msges" behind those sprays of paint. like honestly honey, get a life.

ladies & gentlemen, presenting to u, the absurdity & stupidity of humans, selling for millions.

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