Friday, July 28, 2006

nothing is so real in life as reality...

i feel sad & angry

what is wrong with ppl?

self centered... their lives revolve around them alone, they do not care, nor do they bother to care what is happen to what is going on around the world. they take many things for granted, & are too self observed to even think tt there are ppl worse off then them...

ppl die each day, because of war, because of some stupid ideals tt they believe in, because of e stupid games tt politicians play. they are innocent, yet they have to pay for e errors that politicians make, with their life.

these ppl channel e wrong energies to the most stupid of all things, claming that is to for what they believe in. what do they achieve? do they make e society so much better? or are they making life more difficult for others? they think they know everything, they claim to stand at moral highground, yet they are the worse bunch of ppl who know nothing but to criticise others when they themselves are much worse.

why are they holding on to a senseless past? so what if it can be proven? so what if it can't be proven? what difference will it make whether they were acknowledged or not? why nt focus on self improvement instead? why are u spending so much effort to sustain a dellusion instead of trying to focus on what's real & what can be changed?

they are taught to go against the ppl who've gave up much to bring them up, holding on to something that isn't there instead. what values are they teaching?

what is e world coming to?

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