Sunday, July 16, 2006

10 years down the rd...

being thrown suddenly into e "real" world is not something tt i wld easily forget

for starters, i had to take a bloody bus, i know compared to chee's almost 1 hr stint, mine was just peanuts but e fact tt i had to be running after buses in e morning was just nt e best way to start a day.

i witnessed alot of backstabbers, weirdos, funny shapes, & became embroiled in a whole complicated tangle of human relations. u cldn't afford to offend anyone, nor cld u make enemies because these ppl will come back & hit u so hard tt u just can't stand up again.

but i guess e thing which fascinated me alot was tt i saw alot of familiar faces on the bus when i first started sch in jc. maybe i had a gd memory, maybe they didn't change tt much physically, but either way i knew with absolute confirmation tt they were frm the very same pri sch & class as me. yet the sad thing was no one cld recognize me, giving me tt puzzled look tt said "do i know u" & "who's this crazy person talking to me" etc.

i thought maybe i had made a mistake judging frm e expressions they gave me so i went to look up for my pri sch photos. behind those photos i wrote these lines, XXX, my best friend.

maybe pri sch kids have fuzzy memories of what really happened when they were ard 7 yrs old. maybe pri sch kids have undeveloped brains tt cld rmb ppl as well as they shld have. but it's really sad how u can just walk past ppl u've previously known, & not recognize them at all. how much of the past have u rmbered? how much have u thrown away?

i always wonder what will happen to us 10 yrs down e rd after we've graduated frm sch. will we still be the best of friends? will we still hold on to the fond memories tt we had shared in the past? will we be able to recognise each other? or will we just walk past each other like nothing has happened? memories & friendships all forgotten, all lost....

~ cus moving on just isn't working....

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