Saturday, July 22, 2006

nvr go for accupuncture


maybe i'm nt in e best mood to get needles stuck in my head.

and e doc decided tt he hated me & stuck more needles into my stomach.
ard 15 needles in my stomach & ard 5 more on my head. thanks doc. i owe u one.
ok it's nt exactly his fault because it was my mum who started complaining to him tt i cldn't concentrate when studying & blahx. so he came to e conclusion tt i needed more needles.

and staying in a enclosed aircom room for an hr make me nausea. and my head bleeded when e doc pluck e needles out. X_X

my dad bought me mint choco sweets t0 cheer me up. he buys e best things for me smtimes cus i rarely bager him to buy stuff for me. hehe....

i need something to cheer myself up. maybe a FIRST magazine.

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