Thursday, July 13, 2006

random. author depressed. ignore. HOHOHOx

i am tired but i can't slp...

i suck at lying cus my conscious always hit back at me.... hard.

now i know what ppl mean when they have insomia.

my nose is leaking again.

i shld die early cus i know i can't survive long with this shit body. hurhur.

i'm rambling as usual. nevermind me.

i'm reading that pasta's bk, tt rick warren. hurhur. so amused. one day i'm going to write out all e sentences in e bk tt made me laugh... which is almost 90% of e bk? or even more?

but some of it made sense i must admit. if i dun look at it frm e religion sense.

i dun dare to tell my mum i failed chinese again. maybe i just dun wanna see my mum's disappointed face & disappoint myself further. i sound like a little kid. i shld watch more jimmy neutron. or maybe spongebob sucker pants, or maybe teen titans. batman superman iceman

2 months more. i can grumble all i want but i just have 2 months more to prove that this wasn't a mistake. i dun even feel like touching anything related to chinese anymore. it's so sickening. what is it tt i don't understand? why isit tt i can't score? lit is shit i tell u. chinese lit is shit. and ppl who think they can excel in chinese lit is more shit. ie me. u are shit.

weeps by the toilet bowl. it's such a funny sight. imagine ppl weeping by e toilet bowl. so cute.

haahahah. for christians screwing with my sis, i'm going to curse u someday. ok cursing is bad.
but i think u r no better either.

hahahahahahaha. fuck u lar.

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