Sunday, July 09, 2006

i'm back....

taken frm my sis

here's a simple science question.

all living things may die when_________

a: they are old
b: they are killed by predators
c: they do not have enough food to survive
d: they do not have toys to play with (:

1) a only
2) a and d only
3) a, b and c only
4) a, b, c and d

and my brother just had to put option 4 as his answer.
HAHA. he's so crazy. yah. like me
he saw my invisible pen. nah. it's not exactly invisible, if not i dont know how i am supposed to use it. it has invisible ink which is visible under UV light. then he said

'you can use this to vandalise the wall!'
haha.what's the point of vandalising then. i told you he's crazy. like me.


i'm back....

frm 5 hrs on walking on high heels, wanting to look beautiful/sexy has it's price

frm fangurling with jasmine & looking at a life size KAWAIIII wabbit bag. i don't know how i became wabbit in e first place but wabbit i shall be.

frm my grandma's bday dinner where my grandma was too sick to enjoy herself, u have a divorcee sitting alone with his child who's so quiet tt u just can't help but wonder y she has to go thru all this, all my cousin who's frustrated abt e car insurance cus e car he borrowed frm my uncle got involved in a minor accident. (he made a small dent or smthing) frm aunties who commented on how sickly my sis looked & blah, basically cannot shut up type. frm playing with my niece & nephew who had fun looking at me make a fool out of myself.

i love kids, i have no idea why. i love acting stupid in front of them. i love being crazy & all high in front of them cus these are e ppl who don't make stupid judegements abt u having a screw loose & telling u to shut up. these are e ppl who appreciate u for who u are, for being entertaining to make them laugh. their face literally brighten up when u do smthing crazy, like try to do CPR on a panda bag or fascinate them with invisible ink or consipring to hide my brother's paper aeroplane under their butt or smthing like tt. though they smtimes do get out of hand when they become high & giggly but once u've set e line, it's no worries.

and i think e only ppl i can mix ard with w.o looking behind my back is these bunch of ppl. kids are just so amazing. & they make u wonder what happens to ppl & what has happened to let them become who they r today. attention seekers, backstabbers, manipulators etc etc.

smtimes i think things happen nt because fate or god or whoever arranged it, but because e conditions ard us had been conducive to letting this thing happen. it's all abt learning frm mistakes, gaining new knowledge of e possibilities of it happening & preventing it frm happening to u again. we all fall down, some get hurt more, others just grazed their knee, but for different ppl it may mean a different thing all together. a child who is over protected by his parents may cry because of a small cut but a child who is let to face this world with e support of his parents may instead bandage up e wound & prevent himself frm falling down again. it's nt just why did it have to be me but rather what can i do to prevent myself frm being a victim again.

a victim is nt a person who has suffered frm smthing traumatising but rather someone who is unable to recover frm e trauma.

it's always heartening to see ppl move on or make a significant progress in life but i guess it also means tt e relationship with him has to change too. some u just distance urself away, some u continue to be friends with. it's interpersonal skills maybe but i guess i've learnt tt relationships changes & u have to be e one enforcing it insted of letting it be forced onto u.

i've decided nt to pray for my grandma anymore, but rather to do what is within my means to at least let her know tt she had a grandchild who love & respected her. this is what i can do, & what i will do....


i received a sms recently & i just wanted to say, to whoever who gave my phone number to this person called priscilla frm some god damn it church & told her abt me or even asked her to get me & my sis to go to church. fuck u. i don't care if ur bloody father approves or nt, i have only 1 father with a bushy mustache & looks very handsome so i'm nt interested in any other fuckers trying to mess ard with my head or my sis's head. if u dun haf enuff members, it's ur problem, nt mine so dun screw with me & invite me to ur bloody church cus i'm nt interested in u or ur father okay? screw u whoever u are for giving my number to some unknown sissy. if i find out who u r, i'll screw u so bad tt u can even forget abt going home cus i'll dump ur corpse in a drain or smthing.

i tell u i'm nt in e best of moods now adays to have anything to do with religion. any religion. i am a atheist & i bloody hell will die a atheist. if god wants to convert me to his loving arms or wadever, tt's his problem with me, i dun need a middle man to pass his msges to me if he's all so powerful. i can't be bothered if i get hate msges frm christ lovers & stuff cus if ur god's so powerful tt i haf to cower under his almightyness, or if he's a mr know all, i've probably have converted to christianity long ago w/o ppl asking me to attend church activities. i'll understand if close frens wanna share but if u're nt close, den dun pretend u're close cus i dun appreciate u screwing ard. fuck u.

i apologise if anyone is offended but if sm ppl have skins so thick & skulls so impenetrable tt e use of threat & vulgarites is necessary to get e msg across, then by all means i'll fling all e fuck at u. i am pissed so u better dun screw ard with me when i'm in a worse of moods. thank u for ur coorporation & srry for any inconvenience caused.

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