Sunday, July 02, 2006

"A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything." - Friedrich Nietzsche

life is a continuous cycle & a conscious effort on our part of renewing relationships with ppl so tt at e end of e day we may nt lament on how relationships have soured or gone to waste.

but smtimes ppl do change, gradually or maybe drastically till the point where u can't recognise them anymore, & u wonder to urself... is this the person i've known?

my sis told me abt her friend, who now shares a close relationship with god & is on a much better terms with her mother. they used to be best friends, now they've drifted so far apart. as long as she's happy, then i'm happy for her too. maybe i've felt the same way too.

blind obsessions...
what is true happiness... i still do nt know

i watch these ppl who are happy & contented with the love they have immerse themselves in
and all i can feel is fear & sadness
fear tt this illusion may end & sadness that they have chosen to blind themselves to reality & have forsaken true strength to make it thru the rain

i can only hope tt somewhere along the way when they fall, i will be there to help them up again. that somewhere along the way where their dreams shatter & they believe in nothing anymore, i will be able to show them what is real. and while this happiness & love last, that they will be happy & nthing will come in to shatter the dream & illusion they fought so hard to create & believe in.

maybe true happiness comes frm nt just e feeling or e act of smiling. but rather frm a firm belief & a whole lot of confidence, that the things ard u are real & will nt under any circumstances prove to be just a illusion. that u will then smile frm ur heart, & move on forward with confidence tt this things will nt come to pass if u shld cease to believe in anything anymore.

these are the things that will be real. these are the things which u will think of when u speak of a happiness that is real & true.

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