Tuesday, July 11, 2006

blogosphere in singapore....

i found out recently tt singapore's blogosphere is actually quite well established as compared to what i previously thought to be just restricted to mr brown & mr miyagi alone. u have this whole bunch of singaporeans blogging online & highlighting social issues tt concern singaporean's welfare, our rights to speak out and most importantly of course, blogger's rights to freedom of speech.

these ppl point out the ironies of the singapore media & the government as they quote mr lee hsiang long encouraging singaporeans to speak out & contribute to the society but recent mr brown issue shows otherwise.

i've come to realise the seriousness of what censorship can do to a country & if anything, i'm more than dissappointed with the suspension of mr brown's column in TODAY. i had tot tt lee hsiang long might be much more open minded in terms of censorship & encouraging freedom of speech but i was so wrong. reading the letter of response by mica made my blood boil. they were so arrogant, ignorant & unrecptive to even the slightest criticisms. if u dun accept suggestions, how do even improve? & worse thing was they said if we don't have suggestions, then don't criticise....

& i wonder why the govt always win the elections by a landslide w.o fail each year. i bet they're preparing for another progress package & give this little incentive to stupid singaporeans who keep thinking the govt is so good to us & the dogs of the govt who will just do anything to support the govt to avoid any repercussion. if u think e govt is gd, tt's because u've nvr seen e lower income grps in singapore struggling everyday to make ends meet. broken families who cannot even support themselves or their kids. families with e sole breadwinner of the family being disabled or killed & can turn to no one because there is no avenue made available to them to seek help. u want them to go online & seek for ur help? tt's stupid & btw, govt internet websites suck too.

we're nt even asking for a nanny state. just give us the help tt we need to tide over the crisis. no body likes being poor & no body deserves to be on the loosing end just because they are poor.

as for e dogs of the govt, believe me, i've seen a few good examples in NYJC already. & i hate these ppl. spineless dickheads who propagate nthing but shit.

i'm been adding these good blogs to my links as well. do check it out if u have the time. it's so much better then newspapers, & i bet they're more reliable too.


Media Release: Stop harassing Mr Brown and let him speak freely

9 Jul 06

The worst of the PAP’s pubescent mind has surfaced yet again with the latest silencing of Mr Lee Kin Mun and the removal of his newspaper column. It is an act worthy of a regime insecure and untrusting of its own citizens.

It is confirmation, as if more is needed, that the PAP governs from a political fortress isolated and under siege. It dictates that criticism and dissenting views are unwelcome, and moves swiftly to eradicate them. The arbitrariness and top-down-we-couldn’t-care-less-how-the-people-feel approach is wielded with increasing frequency.

The treatment of Mr Lee aka Mr Brown is not unlike that of Dr Catherine Lim in years past. This is testimony to the fact that under the PAP – whether it is Mr Lee Kuan Yew or Mr Goh Chok Tong or Mr Lee Hsien Loong as prime minister – the wrapper may change but the package remains decidedly antiquated.

Dr Vivian Balakrishman then fans the flame by saying that "if someone says something which we disagree with, we will say so. If someone says something which is unhelpful we have a right to say it is unhelpful.” The minister ignores the fact that citizens, in whatever capacities, have just as much right to tell the Government what we disagree with and find unhelpful about policies that affect our lives.

Such disagreements between the governors and those governed are bound to exist. The attendant debate and their resolutions must, however, be carried out in an open manner through the mass media – not shut down with Communist-like excuses that no one understands, much less believes.

The Singapore Democrats call on the Government to stop harassing Mr Lee Kin Mun and to restore his rights as a citizen to freely express his views. It goes without saying that this can only be done if the PAP desists in its unconstitutional control of the media.

The PAP needs to catch up in its development with the rest of the Singapore.

Chee Soon Juan
Singapore Democratic Party


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