Tuesday, November 01, 2005

ever since the quarrel, i've been avoiding the best as i can anything tt has to do with pw... pardon me but nthing would ever be the same if a relationship escalates into an argument...

Missing you
All these five years
That we shared with you
The time we spent hearing you out over there

Through newspapers, character ed
We remember them all deep in our hearts

Thank you for your contributions to Cedar,
to Cedar
We will never forget what you have done

And so we are missing you lots
Miss you lots, miss you lots
Thank you for what you have done
Thank you for what you have done
And so we are missing you lots
Miss you lots, miss you lots
We love you so much so Ms Leong

The times which you joked,
Laughed with us,comforted us in distress
Fighting for a chance to heighten our growth
In leadership and exchange programmes

You motivate us
Telling us to pursue our biggest dreams

From ABCs,
To learn how to be gracious Cedarians
Who hold the Cedar flag high


did i tell u that ms leong mentioned abt me & lynn while she was making her impromtu( wadever u spell tt lar) speech?! *squeals* cus we're the only Cedarians that were present, on that day of the farewell, who went to ourT&F, Cedar's glory!

and i was talking to my gor today... it's been a while since we had a proper conversation.. i guess it's just difficult for me to completely dissociate myself from him but i guess i won't be playing an active role in this friendship... just let things be i suppose

i realised that all this while, i've been trying too hard to be mature... a main source of my unhappiness.... i've been trying too hard to be someone i'm not, to be mature, to look sane, to tone down my loudness....
i wanna be someone who doesn't show my emotions outside, because emotions betray ur weakness...

i am writing crap entries...
this is spoiling my blog... shld go into hibernation... byebye
~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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