Monday, November 14, 2005

i think miaoyu's blog makes me think... haha... which means i haven been thinking properly or haven been thinking for the past few weeks...haha
anyway, faith says it's more sincere if i write crap on my entry... haha... which gives me the conclusion that my crap makes ppl feel that i'm sincere. so if i'm nt crapping den what do ppl think of me?
i also realised recently that i will get very very HIGH if i get myself overloaded on sugar or carbohydrates...MUAHAHA
btw have u tried playing maple story while listening to classical music... like killing snails while listening to a piano piece? i think it makes u feel like psycopath.. heh... i'm just cranky... paiseh
oh yar, i created a new domain too! many thanks to jasmine darling aka echizen jasmine.. it's called although i have no idea what to do with it now... cus i'm to drained to do anything photoshopping or webdesigning with dreamweaver *smiles sleepishly @ jasmine :P*
i wonder if i would be happier if my class was 05s5c? or if i didn't have any class at all & will be alone most of the time.. haha... i bet i would still be a loner if i changed to other classes...
btw, i dun look like loner meh? haha.. even wilson thinks i'm a loner... haha... it's nice to have a change... especially when i used to think that i was a social butterfly...
what do i need to reflect about my life now that i have nt?
my school work
1. to work much much harder... focus on studies and throw everything out of ur mind... priority shld be placed HERE!

my friends
1. to do my best to help but also at the same time understand my limits, of my need to live a normal life, to know my limits, to know that there are many things beyond my control, that i should learn to let go at appropriate times... to learn not to worry but instead to do something else more worthwhile

2. to accept people as who they are, some ppl just can't help behaving or thinking that way. we have no right to force them to accomodate to ours as much as we don't like them forcing us to accept their beliefs as well. they have the right to talk about their interest, life, hobby and most imporantly their religion. as long as i have a clear stand of what i want in my life and not let myself be affected by those around me, i shall not intervene others of promoting their beliefs.

my life
1. to let go of things that are in the past... to learn to trust and love... to learn to not give up... to learn that nothing is impossible
2. to count my blessing constantly, so that i may not neglect those who care for me, so that i shall not think of life & death as a game
3. to have a healthy lifestyle... dun sleep late :)

guess that's all... drained... shall sleep... bon nuitte... wadever... i dun noe french..haha!

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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