Monday, November 28, 2005

extracted frm my wonderful mei's blog!

" oh wells. toking abt fires. i used to play with fire. esp during mooncake festival. damn fun lah. me and jie will collect rough paper throughout the whole year just for this day. then on mooncake festival night we go high and start burning evt. pluck leaves from plants.. throw them in and smell the chlorophyll smoke and hear the lovely sizzling.i guess it's like full moon and like the wolves..we go crazy. aiyah.sadly.. we dont have such time to do crazy stuff tgt anymore. the only thing we burn is midnight oil. which is not fun at all. heh. well.. we managed to pass on the tradition to our brother. he burns stuff every mid autumn festival under the supervision of my dad. SUPER- VISION. can u sense the sacarsm? just this dad actually threw the sparkler into the air and apparently it got stuck among the leaves of the palm tree at the garden downstairs and the palm tree was on fire. damn lame ok.the palm tree was smoking badly and we wanted to call the fire engine initially. and the next day when i was on my way to sch. the palm tree was chao tar. so malu. how weird and lame can my family get?i also dunno."

how i miss the fun times.... i miss burning stuff... i miss doing crazy stuff... i miss mixing chemicals and freaking melissa out.... now she's in china! *pokes*
apparently, i'm not slacking enough... i'm doing at the speed faster than they expected... damnit... i shall slow down... meanwhile, shall curse & swear that i have to leave my job early to go for mrs ho's farewell... she can happily retire for all i care.... just don't eat into my salary!

i've got my junior's graduation night photo... i look bloated in the damn bloody picture... i look uneven! AHHH! btw i'm overweight.... i bet i'm going to die of a heart attack! teeheee...sitting in office no good for health... damnit... i'm ranting rambling ranting...

i ate crabby yesterday too.... am looking forward to delicious food! MUAHAHAH! oysters! salmon! drools....


~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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