Thursday, November 17, 2005

剑煮酒无味 饮一杯为谁
你为我送别 你为你送别
胭脂香味 能爱不能给
天有多长 地有多远
你是英雄 就注定无泪无悔
这笑有多危险 是穿肠毒药
这泪有多么美 只有你知道

me & xj talked abt BGR and stuff... kinda of lame... i think i was trying to convince him that R is a bian tai.. lol... but he agreeded with me in the end... so i rox... R sucks.. lol
tml i need to find teacher... gahx..
my sis said tt my cedar junior suddenly asked her for my email. i'm surprised tt someone even bothered to ask lol... i wasn't really popular among my CCA, and i dun think i was being idolised as well.. haha.. cedar has this culture of idolizing seniors... i know i know.. i used to idolise my senior too... hehe...
LEP project.... lby say our group very not motivated... the problem is. DO I CARE? lol.... haha... no... i just wanna revise which i had not been able to. stupid me
penknife... this word keep appearing in mind...
i just want to love and be loved... haha... i know i am loved :)
btw, did i tell u, i DO have a image, which is not to have a image at all...
in case u didn't noe.. i also realised that there are also ppl who are damn dumb...
my sis came back from her sabah trip, and she said that one of her campmates ask the airhostress for a pad so loudly that everyone in that area (i must say it's quite a big area too.. lol!) was looking at her... poor sis, have to sit beside such a weirdo...
oh yar. & someone said my sis looked like bae yong jun.. i just conclude that the girl is just desparate and has lesbianic tendancies... haha..
whee... cranky now... wanna slp... take care ppl
i know what i'm doing for now... i think

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