Sunday, November 13, 2005

i need to plan for bbqs!! one for class one for me lian lian & eugene den still need to go find more ppl...hahaha
i need to go see teacher on thurs... HOD summore... though i'm nt scared of teachers or wadever, and i noe i'm nt going to die, this thing is still constantly on my mind...
i need to study too
this entry is bimbotic but i dun care...
btw i realised a similar theme for the dreams that i have been having since... hmm... i dun noe when
the themes of my dreams are
1. freedom
this mainly include having the ability to fly, the most embrrassing thing would be to try to squeeze my... erm... plum body out of my house window... and obvious i can't get out... but other times i would just be flying... these are the best dreams!
other than that, is to be jumping on the matress and can bounce to great heights... kinda of fun since my parents forbid me to jump on the matress when i was young, i guess i had to do it in dreams then. lolx
2. escape/running away
i dun noe why but in most of my dreams... i would be running away, from both people i know and people i don't know...
my entry is lame...

i wonder if people with different religions mix well together... *my father is playing with my brother's toy..haha...*
it's great to have people like weilian aka my darlin to remind me of the things in life that i fail to treasure, to remind me of what friends are for
like faith whom i can talk to abt the philosophies of life
like jasmine whom i can fangirl, talk abt our common interest!
like HL milk and my whole clique
i guess i can't grumble with all these wonderful ppl ard me
haha! i shall continue counting my blessings!
thanks ppl & take care... i will stay happy too!

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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